Pandle Update: Search and Export Cash Flow Transactions

Understanding your cash flow, the money coming in and going out of your business, is absolutely critical. Taking steps to manage your cash flow better will help make sure there’s always enough money put to one side to pay upcoming bills, before committing to less urgent spending.

It’s why our suite of financial reporting tools in Pandle includes a Cash Flow report to help you keep an eye on things. Using your real-time data, it gives you a full breakdown of your cash flow, so you know where and when money flows in and out of your business. To make it even clearer, we’ve now added a new search and export function to your cash flow report in Pandle.

Where is my Cash Flow report?

Using Pandle to check the health of your cash flow report is easy – just click Reports > Cash Flow. Adjusting the dates of your report shows you each month’s projections within that period.

This helps you understand when you have money coming into the business, and when you have expected costs going out, so you can make informed financial decisions for the future.

Pandle Update: Search and Export Cash Flow Transactions 1


Selecting the forecast figures shows you which transactions it relates to so you can see what the projection is based on.

Pro users also have access to our Cash Flow Forecast report. It uses trends from your historical financial data to make predictions about your cash flow in the future. This way you can set and monitor cash flow goals with a deeper understanding of your business’s finances.

Easily search and export cash flow transactions

Our new update means that not only can you view the transactions for a particular period in your cash flow report, you can now also use the search box to find specific transactions more easily. The transactions in that period can also be exported by clicking the Excel button.

Pandle Update: Search and Export Cash Flow Transactions 2


If there aren’t any transactions matching your search, Pandle will tell you that no amounts were found. It just makes it much easier to find and understand the figures that matter most in your business, so you can focus your attention on running it.

Visit our help centre for support with Reports in Pandle, or learn more about our Cash Flow Forecasting tool for Pro users.

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