Pandle Partner Update: Client Access Request Reminders

Here at Pandle HQ we’re on a bit of a mission to make bookkeeping as simple as possible, for both our users and our Pandle Partners. The proof is in our time-saving, error-reducing range of bookkeeping features.

We like to keep those in tip-top shape, which is why we’ve added another key tool to help our Partner accountants keep track of their to-do lists. It might not be as satisfying as setting them on fire and starting again, but we think it might be more useful. Welcome to a new, more helpful world of client access reminders.

Reminder emails for added support

When clients create an account for their company on Pandle, they can send their accountant or bookkeeper an invitation to gain access to their records. The thing is, our Partner accountants can’t get started on their clients’ accounts if the invitation becomes buried in an ever-expanding email inbox, which we imagine happens quite regularly!

Even though accountants are basically business superheroes without capes, we thought automatic reminder emails might help share some of the load.

Thanks to our latest update, if a Pandle Partner receives a request from a client to access their company on Pandle, but doesn’t quite have time to get to it, they’ll now receive a reminder email after 3 days, to make sure it doesn’t fall off their radar. And, if things are really busy, an additional reminder will be sent 10 days after that if it’s needed. Phew!

Accepting client access requests

Pandle Partner accountants and bookkeepers need to accept a client’s invitation before they can get stuck in to their financial data on Pandle.

To do this, Partners simply use their account on Pandle and navigate to Partner Admin > Your Accountancy Firm, then accept or reject the invitation from the Pending Requests tab.

Pandle Partner Update: Client Access Request Reminders 1

It’s just a little something to lighten the load, from Pandle. Now get those capes back on.

Interested in becoming a Pandle Partner?

If you’re interested in using Pandle with your accounting clients, it’s really simple to get started. Just head over to our Become a Partner page, and you’ll be on your way in just minutes.

Liam Yapp

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