New Feature: Bank Feed Balance Checks

After the April showers it’s time for us to brighten up your life with an exciting new Pandle update!

We know that making sure the bank balance in your bookkeeping records matches what’s happening in the bank can be a fiddly job, but an essential one for good record keeping, to avoid any unnoticed fraudulent activity, and to manage your business’ cash flow.

So, to make the task easier and give our Pandle users more time in the sun, we’re delighted to announce our newest feature, Bank Feed Balance Checks.

Balance Checks

Users will now receive an alert if the bank balance shown in Pandle doesn’t match the balance from their bank account. The alert will also show the last time that the balances did match, making it quicker and easier for users to search for and resolve any discrepancies.

Pandle users can view their Bank Feed Balance Check on the Banking tab of the Enter Transactions screen, if a user’s balance does not match, they will see this symbol next to their bank account:

Pandle bank feed balance checks 1

It’s nothing to panic about, it’s just there to let users know it needs some attention.

Simply hover the mouse over the warning triangle and an information box will pop up showing the date the balances last matched, so users know when to begin comparing bank statements to their confirmed bank transactions in Pandle.

Pandle bank feed balance checks 2

A tick symbol next to a user’s bank account will indicate that the balances currently match. Hooray!

Whilst checking and confirming transactions for each bank account, the balance status is also shown at the top of the screen, as seen below. This example shows that the balances match – mission accomplished!

Pandle bank feed balance checks 2

Identifying and resolving any discrepancies

Adding an alert for unmatched balances in Pandle will help users to identify and resolve discrepancies much quicker when checking and confirming transactions from their Bank Feed.

As this unique and easy to use feature alerts users to the date which the balances last matched, it will drastically reduce the amount of time users have to spend resolving these discrepancy issues.

Have you checked out Bank Feed Balance Checks in Pandle yet? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback! Please leave us a comment below or email

Liam Yapp

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