Pandle Launches Starling Bank Feeds

As the leaves begin to fall, October can become a time where the excitement of summer is replaced with relaxation and cosy evenings by the fire.

But, not here at Pandle HQ! There is an air of excitement in the office this morning, and not just because we’ve got that Friday feeling. It’s because we have now completed the setup of our Starling Bank Feed!

It’s a feature we know that a lot of users have been enquiring about over the last 12 months and in all honesty, we can’t blame them.

Starling Bank

With over 775,000 registered accounts, including 59,000 business accounts (as of August 2019), Starling has been rapidly growing in size and stature in recent years. With recent estimates claiming they will hit one million accounts by the end of 2019, not too shabby!

The rise in popularity of these digital banks, such as Starling, offer consumers more choice when selecting their business bank account. Their simplicity and speed, coupled with low or sometimes zero business banking fees have made these digital banks extremely appealing for new start-up businesses, who wish to keep costs to a minimum.



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Pandle’s Starling Bank Feed

We recently announced our new relationship with Plaid, which has enabled us to future-proof both the speed and reliability of our Bank Feeds.

As part of this new relationship we have been able to establish a direct feed from Starling to Pandle, this means that any imported transactions will appear in Pandle immediately.

Out and about buying supplies for your business? You will now be able to log on to Pandle right away via Pandle Mobile to check and confirm this transaction, helping to improve the speed and efficiency of your bookkeeping.

With our previous feed partner, there was a three hour delay before transactions would be imported, but not anymore. Starling customers will be able to connect their account to Pandle in minutes and start seeing their transactions flow in seamlessly from their Starling account.

Connecting your Starling Bank Feed to Pandle

Our new direct bank feeds, including Starling, are still in beta. Users who connect their Starling account to Pandle now will be required to re-connect their account in around 2-3 weeks when we bring the beta phase to a close.

The process for this will be super straight forward, but we just wanted to make users aware of this upfront.

Remember, we operate a no card details, no contracts, no catches policy here at Pandle. So, if you would like to test out these new feeds you can sign up for free and simply select the Pandle Pro trial, which you will access to for fourteen days.

Already a user but not on Pandle Pro? No worries. We’ve re-activated our users access to the Pandle Pro trial, so these users can test out our new Starling Bank Feed without committing any financial obligation to continue using Pandle Pro.

If any users are having trouble connecting their Starling feed, then please see our setting up bank feeds article.

Are there any other digital banks you’d like to see connected to Pandle? Simply email with your request.

Liam Yapp

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