Split Transactions on Pandle Mobile

With Christmas now behind us, the Pandle elves have been working hard on a new feature for Pandle Mobile users – and here it is.

Split Transactions are now available on Pandle Mobile! Processing banking transactions into multiple categories just got even easier.

What is a Split Transaction?

The Split Transaction feature allows users to split up a single bank transaction, and share it amongst different spending categories. Splitting transactions like this gives users a much clearer picture of the expenses being incurred.

For example, a single payment to reimburse an employee for the cost of a business trip can be split into the relevant categories for travel costs and hotel costs.

How does the Split Transaction feature work?

When processing banking transactions users simply select the actions button, then split transaction to add multiple lines, or splits, to a single transaction.

Users can then apportion parts of the transaction to different categories, as well as specifying the net and VAT amounts to be allocated. The total of each line should add up to the total amount of the transaction. Once this has been entered, users will then simply need to confirm the transaction as normal.

We’re looking forward to bringing the full Split Transaction toolkit over to Pandle Mobile in the near future. For now though, Pandle Mobile users can split banking transactions through their phone – phew!

The full Split Transaction feature is available through our web app, where it can be used with customer and supplier invoices, as well as batch customer invoices (which are entered into Pandle, rather than created in Pandle).

Learn more about using Split Transactions>

Wait, there’s more

Because our Pandle users were on the nice list this Christmas, we’ve got a few more updates now ready to launch on Pandle Mobile.

Status indicators for invoices and quotes

Users can now easily see the sent status of invoices and quotes right from the dashboard of Pandle Mobile, so they always know where they’re up to.

Add avatars to customer and supplier profiles

Assign an avatar to customers and suppliers to make it even easier to keep track of who’s who (and avoid any awkward mix-ups).

Pull down to refresh

Infinite scrolling makes it easier for users to handle large numbers of entries, without jumping from page to page. Now it’s easier to refresh the data by simply pulling down from the top of the screen, rather than scrolling all the way back to the top!

Have you tried these features on Pandle or Pandle Mobile? Have you got suggestions for features you’d like to see? Let us know! Hit the Live Chat button on screen, or contact us.

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