Easy to use, efficient and accurate. Pandle has all the tools you need to manage the finances of your business.


Sync your bank accounts with Pandle to automatically import your transactions. Then, simply categorise each transaction to effortlessly keep your accounts up to date.


Bank Feeds Pro

Automatically pull transactions from your bank account before quickly categorising them in Pandle.

PayPal Feeds Pro

Automatically pull transactions from your PayPal account before quickly categorising in Pandle.

Stripe Feeds

Automatically pull transactions from your Stripe account before quickly categorising in Pandle.

Bank Imports

Save time and reduce errors by importing your bank transactions into Pandle using our CSV templates

Bank Rules

Create a bank rule to automatically categorise and assign tax codes to your imported transactions.


Improve the speed of your invoicing process with our range of features. Managing your money more efficiently will mean you never miss a payment again.



Pandle’s range of invoicing features includes; invoice creation, manual invoicing, bulk invoice emailing, invoice payment reminders, plus the ability to create recurring invoices.


When you’re creating quotes you can easily mark them as accepted, declined or convert them into an invoice to save you from duplicating your work.

Pandle Pay

Our partnership with Stripe means your customers can pay you directly through a ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoices. Once done, the invoice is automatically marked as paid.

Payment Reminders

Automate the process of chasing up your unpaid invoices. Get paid quicker and improve your cash flow whilst reducing the time you spend chasing payments.


Managing your customers has never been easier; quickly import them, set credit limits, create customer groups, send out customer statements and track who owes you money.


From intuitive invoice entry to setting payment terms and splitting invoices Pandle has all the tools you need to accurately manage your suppliers.

Accounting Tools

Pandle offers a range of additional accounting tools to make your bookkeeping as quick and easy as possible. We’re continually working on creating new tools, so many more will be coming soon!


Items Pro

Manage your inventory, automatically track your stock levels and add product or service items to your invoices.

Projects Pro

Pandle Projects enables users to access financial reporting specifically for each project they undertake.

Receipt Uploads Pro

Snap photos of your receipts and assign them to transactions, helping you become a paperless business.

Recurring Transactions

Regularly invoice customers the same amount each month? Pandle will automate this process for you.


Stay organised by attaching notes to your transactions, bank accounts, customers, suppliers, categories and invoices.

Bulk Editing

Pandle is the only accounting software that lets you edit transactions in bulk. If you make any serious errors, correcting them is a breeze!

Multiple Currencies

Trade in other currencies? No problem. Pandle will handle the conversions for you, meaning no more exchange rate issues.

Transaction Locking

Quickly and easily lock transactions up to a chosen date to avoid entering transactions for a previous period.

Multi Company Management Pro

Switch between your various companies from one Pandle account, to improve the efficiency of your bookkeeping.


With our range of reporting tools you will always know where your business stands financially. Allowing you to make more informed business decisions.



Pandle’s range of simple, easy to understand reports show you exactly where your business stands financially.

Cash Flow Forecasting Pro

Our cash flow forecasting report allows users to set future cash flow goals and view trends in your cash flow, leading to better, more informed business decisions.

VAT Software

Our comprehensive VAT software enables users to calculate, complete and submit their Making Tax Digital compliant VAT returns directly to HRMC.


VAT Submissions

Our integration with HMRC allows you to submit your MTD compliant VAT returns directly from Pandle.


We understand that more than one person may need to access your bookkeeping. With Pandle you can easily add new users to your account.


Unlimited Users Pro

Does your accountant or bookkeeper need access to your bookkeeping? Add their email to your user list to give them instant simultaneous access.

User Permissions Pro

Select the functions your staff can access, meaning they only see the financial information relevant to their role.


At Pandle we like to go above and beyond with our level of customer service. So no matter what support you need we endeavour to provide you with friendly and informative support.


Help Centre

Struggling with aspects of your bookkeeping? Our Help Centre includes tutorial guides, videos and a handy FAQ section so you can easily find the answer you need.

Help Transferring

Confused about moving from another system? Our advisors will help with your opening balances and importing of your customers and suppliers.

Live Chat

We offer free live chat support within Pandle itself so you can quickly resolve any bookkeeping issues which you may encounter.

Mobile App

Manage your customer and supplier invoicing, upload receipts, view financial reports and complete your banking on-the-go using the intuitive Pandle Mobile app.


Pandle Mobile

Now you can complete your business bookkeeping on-the-go, wherever you are in the world.


Worried about what will happen to your data if you ever decide to leave? Well you shouldn’t be! You can access your data for up to six years if you ever leave Pandle.


Free Data Access for Six Years

Did you know HMRC require you to keep your records for six years? This doesn’t pose a problem until you decide to switch accounting software. Often when you switch you’re denied access to your data. With Pandle, this isn’t the case as you’re
able to access your data for up to six years after you leave.


All communication with our servers is done via a secure HTTP connection (128-bit SSL), the same technology used by your bank to encrypt communications with their website.


Secure Encrypted Data

All communication with our servers is done via a secure HTTP connection (128-bit SSL), the same technology used by your bank to encrypt communications with their website – so you can be safe in the knowledge your data is secure.

Bank Feeds

We use the biggest third-party banking data provider on this planet, which means your details are as secure as possible. We don’t store or hold any details such as bank account numbers or login details on our own servers, so there’s minimal likelihood of a security breach.

Daily Backups

Automated and encrypted backups of all data stored on our servers occur regularly. These backups are then sent to secure servers using Google Cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing all your hard work.


Our application maintains extremely detailed audit logs of who has accessed our systems and servers, which we proactively monitor to identify and stop any would-be intruder.


Pandle is developed by a government-endorsed, Cyber Essentials accredited company with strict controls and measures for how information security is handled by our development team.


29th April 2021

Smarter Date Entry

27th April 2021

The Performance Update

13th April 2021

Reducing Tax Code Errors

25th February 2021

Post-Brexit VAT Changes

26th January 2021

Bulk Deleting Receipt Uploads


15th September 2020

Transaction Locking Alerts

24th August 2020

Companies House Integration

11th June 2020

Improved Customer Imports

26th May 2020

Improvements to Reports

8th May 2020

Quote Audit Trails

16th April 2020

File Import Balance Checks


14th November 2019

Recurring Transaction End Dates

11th October 2019

Starling Bank Feeds


1st October 2019

Direct Bank Feeds


23rd September 2019

MTD Statements

5th September 2019

Sent Invoice Status

3rd September 2019

Projects in Pandle Mobile



27th June 2019

Bank Transfer Rules


18th June 2019

Invoice Write-Offs

28th May 2019

Reports in Pandle Mobile


19th March 2019

Editing in Pandle Mobile

14th March 2019

MTD for VAT Ready

7th February 2019

Running balances

22nd January 2019

Suppliers in Pandle Mobile

16th January 2019

Pandle Global launched

3rd January 2019

Dashboard customisation


18th December 2018

Default tax codes

22nd November 2018

Message Centre attachments


13th November 2018

Bank Rules

9th November 2018

Receipt Uploads in Pandle Mobile


12th October 2018

Transaction links

5th September 2018

New mobile app

23rd August 2018

Live Chat support

16th August 2018


6th August 2018

Message Centre


20th July 2018

Reduced rate VAT code

1st July 2018

Direct costs

14th June 2018

Pension contributions

15th May 2018

General ledger report

14th April 2018

Google Cloud migration

17th March 2018

Pandle API

23rd February 2018

Receipt Uploads


19th February 2018

Pandle Notes

9th February 2018

Customer grouping

15th January 2018

Receipt uploads


4th January 2018

PIN Login


12th December 2017

Bank feeds


28th November 2017

Dashboard analytics (Partners)

17th November 2017

PDF exports

15th November 2017

PayPal feeds


26th October 2017

New customers & quotations

21st October 2017

Email statuses

28th September 2017

Customer statement templates


24th September 2017

Mobile app released

21st September 2017

VAT return submissions

19th September 2017

Google cloud migration

15th September 2017

Recurring customer invoices

7th September 2017

Pandle Pay


21st August 2017

Transaction exports

4th August 2017

Split customer invoices

19th July 2017

Stripe integration


2nd July 2017

Split supplier invoices

19th June 2017

Pandle Projects


8th June 2017

Speed update

1st June 2017

Copying invoices

28th May 2017

User permissions


19th May 2017

Invoice imports

17th May 2017

Tools menu added

29th April 2017

Customer credit limits

25th April 2017

Split transactions

12th April 2017

Bank feed notifications

22nd March 2017

Cash flow forecasting


14th March 2017

Dividend availability and vouchers

8th March 2017

Quick links menu added

26th February 2017

Customer statements

17th February 2017

Cash flow reports

9th February 2017

Pandle help centre

31st January 2017

Bank feeds refresh function


23rd January 2017

Recurring adjustments


14th November 2016

Bank feeds


29th October 2016

Invoice updates and templates


3rd October 2016


1st October 2016

Partner accounts

9th September 2016

Personalised invoice references

21st July 2016

Re-designed user interface

9th June 2016

Companies house validations

22nd May 2016

VAT return exports

13th March 2016

Excel exports

27th February 2016


21st February 2016

EU VAT invoicing

14th February 2016

Receivable and payables reports

1st February 2016

Director’s loan accounts

18th January 2016

Categories menu added


10th December 2015

User settings

2nd December 2015

Multiple users

25th November 2015

Currency conversions

28th September 2015

Bank imports

1st July 2015

Pandle was born!