Easy to use, efficient and accurate. Pandle has all the tools you need to manage the finances of your business.

Accounting software bank accounts


Sync your bank accounts with Pandle to automatically import your transactions. Then, simply categorise each transaction to effortlessly keep your accounts up to date.

  • Bank Feeds
  • Stripe Feeds
  • PayPal Feeds
  • Bank Rules
  • Bank Imports
  • Manual Entry
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Free invoicing software


Improve the speed of your invoicing process with our range of features. Managing your money more efficiently will mean you never miss a payment again.

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Pandle Pay
  • Payment Reminders
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Mileage Tracker

Mileage Tracker

Accurately track your business miles and convert them into mileage to claim back as expenses on your tax return.

  • Automatic Mileage Tracking
  • Manual Trip Entry
  • Store Vehicle Info
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Financial Reports


With our range of reporting tools you will always know where your business stands financially. Allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

  • Profit and Loss
  • Payables and Receivables
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
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VAT Software

VAT Software

Our comprehensive VAT software enables users to calculate, complete and submit their Making Tax Digital compliant VAT returns directly to HRMC.

  • MTD Compliant
  • VAT Submissions
  • VAT Reports
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We understand that more than one person may need to access your bookkeeping. With Pandle you can easily add new users to your account to collaborate with your employees and your accountant.

  • Unlimited Users
  • User Permissions
  • Notes
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Free Accounting Tools


Pandle’s comprehensive range of accounting features provide you with all the financial tools you need to efficiently manage your business bookkeeping.

  • Multiple Currencies
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Bulk Editing
  • Transaction Locking
  • Multi Company Management
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Stock control

Items (Stock Control)

Create items for the products and services you buy and sell. Then accelerate your invoicing by selecting items to automatically track stock levels and manage your inventory.

  • Products
  • Services
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Accounting Software for Receipt Uploads

Receipt Uploads

Keep all your financial records and receipts in one place. Upload them to Pandle, attach them to transactions, and enjoy effortless organisation.

  • Upload from Pandle Mobile
  • No Upload Limits
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Manage the finances of every project with bookkeeping features to makes your heart sing (and your business competitors feel a little queasy).

  • Multiple Currencies
  • Manage from Pandle Mobile
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Accounting Software Support


Enjoy award-worthy live chat support, from our team of trained bookkeepers. We’ve got your back, whenever you need us.

  • Live Chat Support
  • Pandle Tours
  • FAQs
  • Relevant Articles
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7th March 2023

Faster Data Loading Times


15th December 2022

Simpler MTD Reauthorisation

22th November 2022

Mileage Tracker

6th October 2022

Copying Supplier Invoices

13th September 2022

Reauthorisation Reminders for MTD

15th March 2022

Banking UX Improvements

22nd February 2022

Using Bank Rules More Easily

3rd February 2022

Introducing Check Tab Counters


12th November 2021

Mark Quotes as Pending

12th October 2021

Improved Customer Management

5th September 2021

Customise your Quick Links Menu

29th April 2021

Smarter Date Entry

27th April 2021

The Performance Update

13th April 2021

Reducing Tax Code Errors

25th February 2021

Post-Brexit VAT Changes

26th January 2021

Bulk Deleting Receipt Uploads


15th September 2020

Transaction Locking Alerts

24th August 2020

Companies House Integration

11th June 2020

Improved Customer Imports

26th May 2020

Improvements To Reports

8th May 2020

Quote Audit Trails

16th April 2020

File Import Balance Checks


14th November 2019

Recurring Transaction End Dates

11th October 2019

Starling Bank Feeds

1st October 2019

Direct Bank Feeds

23rd September 2019

MTD Statements

5th September 2019

Sent Invoice Status

3rd September 2019

Projects In Pandle Mobile

27th June 2019

Bank Transfer Rules

18th June 2019

Invoice Write-Offs

28th May 2019

Reports In Pandle Mobile

19th March 2019

Editing In Pandle Mobile

14th March 2019

MTD For VAT Ready

7th February 2019

Running Balances

22nd January 2019

Suppliers In Pandle Mobile

16th January 2019

Pandle Global Launched

3rd January 2019

Dashboard Customisation


18th December 2018

Default Tax Codes

22nd November 2018

Message Centre Attachments

13th November 2018

Bank Rules

12th October 2018

Transaction Links

5th September 2018

New Mobile App

23rd August 2018

Live Chat support

16th August 2018


6th August 2018

Message Centre

20th July 2018

Reduced Rate VAT Code

1st July 2018

Direct Costs

14th June 2018

Pension Contributions

15th May 2018

General Ledger Report

14th April 2018

Google Cloud Migration

17th March 2018

Pandle API

23rd February 2018

Receipt Uploads

19th February 2018

Pandle Notes

9th February 2018

Customer Grouping

15th January 2018

Receipt Uploads

4th January 2018

PIN Login


12th December 2017

Bank Feeds

28th November 2017

Dashboard Analytics (Partners)

17th November 2017

PDF Exports

15th November 2017

PayPal Feeds

26th October 2017

New Customers & Quotations

21st October 2017

Email Statuses

28th September 2017

Customer Statement Templates

24th September 2017

Mobile App Released

21st September 2017

VAT Return Submissions

19th September 2017

Google Cloud Migration

15th September 2017

Recurring Customer Invoices

7th September 2017

Pandle Pay

21st August 2017

Transaction Exports

13th December 2016

Transaction Filtering

22nd November 2016

Pandle Partners

22nd November 2016

Bank Feeds Come To Pandle

9th September 2016

Customisable Invoice References

7th March 2016

Bulk Editor

17th February 2016