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Intuitive bookkeeping tools to help you run your business

Using a knife as a screwdriver might get the job done, but your handyman would be mortified. Our simple bookkeeping features are precision instruments which make taking care of your financial accounts as quick and easy as possible.

Save time

Reduce the risk of errors

Reduce errors and make changes in a flash

Lock transactions by date to avoid any accidental edits causing chaos in the future. But fear not! If you do need to make changes, simply harness the unique power of Pandle’s bulk editing tool to revise multiple transactions at once, rather than making painstaking amendments one-by-one.

Reduce errors and make changes in a flash
Spend resources on your business, not your bookkeeping

Spend resources on your business, not your bookkeeping

Let’s leave reinventing the wheel to the engineers. Save your business time and energy whether that’s by automating recurring invoices, or using Pandle’s real-time currency checker to keep everything in order. Let Pandle do the admin, whilst you focus on the business.

Keeping everyone on the same page

Quickly write notes in Pandle, and then attach them to transactions, customers, suppliers and bank accounts. No more trying to remember everything as you go, and it helps keep other people in your business up-to-speed, too.

Keeping everyone on the same page
Manage your accounts more efficiently

Manage your business more efficiently

Pandle allows you to flick seamlessly between the accounts for multiple businesses so you can keep an eye on things or collaborate more easily. Set up multiple accounts, and toggle between them without needing to scrawl passwords across the back of your hand.

Backing businesses of all shapes and sizes

Join over 90,000 users currently benefiting from our easy to use, intuitive bookkeeping software.

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Multiple Currencies

We’re bookkeepers without borders, baby! Never again put invoicing on hold to check and calculate currency exchange rates. Pandle automates currency conversions using the latest rates, so you don’t have to. All for the princely sum of free. Seems like a fair exchange.

Complete banking control

If you have bank accounts using different currencies, simply select the base currency when you create the account and let Pandle do the rest.

Invoicing customers and suppliers in different currencies

Select your customer or supplier’s billing currency to populate invoices with the correct information, using the exchange rate in place at the date of the invoice.

Recurring Transactions

Automate the time-consuming task of creating customer and supplier invoices for the same amount each month by getting Pandle to do the job for you. It’s even more reliable than your little toe banging into the pointiest bit of furniture.

Save time

Use Pandle to create recurring invoices or transactions, so you can spend time on the important stuff – like running your business.

Reduce the risk of invoicing errors

Set start and end dates when you schedule recurring invoices, and avoid over or under-billing to give potential errors the heave-ho.

Bulk Editing

Pandle is the only accounting software that lets you edit transactions in bulk, so if you spot errors or need to make changes, you can make them all in one go. If only it worked on the ironing pile.

Search and amend transactions

Our search function and advanced search filters will have you zooming in on any changes at warp speed. Just select the transactions you need to edit, and make corrections in a single click.

Pandle learns as you go

When you use the Bulk Editing feature to amend anything, Pandle remembers your choices ready for the next time you enter similar transactions, helping you avoid repeat errors.

Transaction Locking

Protect the work you’ve already done like a bookkeeping bouncer. Quickly select your transaction lock date to avoid entering transactions for the previous period, or change the date to edit locked transactions easily.

Automatic transaction locking

If you’re VAT registered, Pandle automatically locks transactions from any submitted VAT returns to avoid any discrepancies popping up anywhere.

Don’t get cross with cross-checking

By locking transactions up to your chosen point in time, you can rely on Pandle to keep an eye on transaction dates for locked periods.

Multi Company Management Pro

Running more than one business? No worries. Easily manage the finances for multiple companies from just one Pandle account.

Complete financial oversight

Use Pandle to look after the finances of multiple businesses quickly and easily, so you always know how things are looking, without having to remember a long list of passwords!

Keep things consistent

Maintain the finances of all your business interests on one single platform, so everything’s in one place, and singing from the same songbook.

Live chat support when you need it most

Get the most out of Pandle with in-built tours, guides and live chat support – so you will always have access to the answers you need, when you need them.




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Pandle uses the same sort of encryption methods which banks use to protect their websites, so we can protect your data. It’s your data, and we’ll keep it safe. All the data you transfer online is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption, and automatically backed up at all times.

The UK is moving towards a new system called Making Tax Digital. Currently VAT registered businesses with a taxable turnover of £85,000 or more must keep digital records, but this will be extended to other types of tax, too. Using accounting software will mean that you’re ready for the transition (as well as all the other benefits, too!).

Our Opening Balances Assistant will help you make the move to Pandle if you’re already with another provider or using spreadsheets. Our UK advice team are also available on Live Chat if you need to talk it through!

Yes, you can invite your accountant, bookkeeper, or anyone else to work on your accounts or update information with you, even from different locations at the same time. Just set up users and control what level of access they have.

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