Track Business Mileage | Record Trips

Steer clear of missed expenses with automated mileage tracking

Log each trip whenever your business goes the extra mile. Automatically record journeys as you drive or enter your route manually, and effortlessly convert your business miles into mileage.

Account for every mile

Pandle will automatically work out the cost of each trip based on the vehicle you use and the distance travelled. Thatโ€™s one less bump in the road for claiming expenses on your tax return, or re-charging your clients.

Account for every mile with our Automatic Mileage Tracker
Track your business miles with our Automatic Mileage Tracker

Automate your mileage tracking

Accurately track your business miles without stopping to make notes or remember where you’ve been. Open the app and record your journey in real time from start to finish, while you focus safely on the road ahead.

Enter trip information manually

Forgetting to take your phone or the battery dying doesnโ€™t have to mean putting the brakes on claiming expenses. Select the starting point and destination of your journey when you’re ready, and save the trip for Pandle to work out the rest.

Manually enter trip information into our Mileage Tracker
Store vehicle information in Pandle

Store vehicle information

Create a profile to store the details of each vehicle your business uses when you travel, so you can select and populate information more quickly, and use the right mileage rate to calculate the cost of your trip.

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Explore Pandle's Features

Automatic Tracking

Use location tracking to automatically record the exact route you take on your journey as it happens, and make sure your mileage isn't out by miles.

Hands-free mileage

Hit record in the app before you hit the road, and Pandle will work quietly in the background until you arrive safely, so you can focus on your driving.

Save every detail

Check your recorded journey, and save the details of your trip along with any attachments or notes to help you remember who went where and why.

Manual Trip Entry

Dropping your phone doesnโ€™t need to be a trip hazard. Enter untracked trips into Pandle at any time to calculate your business mileage quickly and easily.

Donโ€™t miss a trip

Select the start and end points, and Pandle's algorithm will work out the distance travelled so you can log the mileage from your journey.

Saved addresses

Pandle will save each of the addresses you use, making it quicker and easier for you to enter your trip details next time you travel.

Vehicle Profiles

Create vehicle profiles and keep your mileage logs on track. Enter the vehicle type and registration for each car, van (or spaceship) that you use for business.

Don't do the same job twice

Enter information for each vehicle once, and simply select the right one from the list next time you record or enter mileage for that vehicle.

Consistently correct claims

Use the correct mileage rate for that vehicle type every time you make an entry, and reduce the risk of confusing errors.

Live chat support provided by trained bookkeepers

Get the most out of Pandle with in-built tours, guides and live chat support provided by real people โ€“ so you will always have access to the answers you need, when you need them.




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You certainly can. Just review the details of your trip once you stop recording, and make any changes to the vehicle or driver before saving.

Not if you don't want to! If you share your location then Pandle will map your journey for you, or you can simply enter the details manually if you prefer.

Yes, you can either view your trips in Pandle Mobile, or view each one as an Adjustment using your desktop device.

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