Unlimited Users | User Permissions

Collaborate seamlessly with your team and your accountant

Delegate bookkeeping tasks, and keep everyone updated in real-time. Add an unlimited number of users to your account and set their permissions level to limit the amount of financial they an see. Collaboration, that you can control.

Bookkeeping software that grows with you

Say goodbye to restrictive user licences, and hello to more flexibility than a double-jointed gymnast. Create an unlimited number of user profiles for your Pandle account, so you always have the help you need.

Bookkeeping software that grows with you
Efficiently manage your bookkeeping

Efficiently manage your bookkeeping

Pandle allows all your users to access your account simultaneously, so you can check financial reports whilst your employee invoices customers, keeping your business running efficiently.

Collaborate on your business accounting

Create notes and attach them to transactions, accounts, customers, suppliers, invoices, categories, and projects (yep, everything basically). All your users know exactly what’s going on, no matter where they are.

Collaborate on your business accounting
Stay in control of your financial data

Stay in control of your financial data

Keep your bookkeeping records more secure than our teams guarding a packet of custard creams. Control what users can see and do in Pandle, with customisable permission settings. Assign roles, allow read only or editing access, and protect the data that some users won’t need to see.

Backing businesses of all shapes and sizes

Join over 90,000 users currently benefiting from our easy to use, intuitive bookkeeping software.

Explore Pandle's Collaboration Features

Unlimited Users Pro

Add as many user profiles on your Pandle account as you need to, so you don’t have to go it alone. Share the bookkeeping love with the people in your business, trusted advisors, and your accountant.

Easily add and remove users

Control who goes in and out more easily than a revolving door. Ask Pandle to invite them to the party, and edit or remove access for individual users with ease.

Multiple simultaneous access

Everyone you invite can access your bookkeeping at the same time, with all users seeing any changes as they happen.

User Permissions Pro

Control each users’ access to your bookkeeping data with customisable permissions for each user. More security than a tough guy called Dave on a nightclub door. Sorry, Dave.

Customised access for each user

Manage what each user can see and do in Pandle. Restrict access to certain areas, give ‘read only’ or ‘create, edit, and delete’ permissions, and customise their clearance level.

Edit user access quickly

Assign users to groups to manage people who need the same access level quickly and easily. Then just edit the group permissions, without having to edit individual users.


Stay more organised than your first day at school. Create general reminders or attach notes to specific transactions, bank accounts, customers, suppliers, categories, and invoices in Pandle.

Collaborate more easily

Your accountant will be able to view any notes you attach to transactions, speeding things up and ensuring everyone knows what's what.

Seamless visibility

All the notes you create are organised chronologically on the Notes page. You can quickly flick between them, use the filters, or hit that search function for rapid answers.

Live chat support provided by trained bookkeepers

Get the most out of Pandle with in-built tours, guides and live chat support – so you will always have access to the answers you need, when you need them.




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You can! If your accountant is a Pandle Partner you can send them an invitation to access your data. If they're not yet signed up to be a Pandle Partner they will be sent an invitation to register.

Yes, you can! As well as creating users, you can create permissions groups and customise the access levels that groups of users, or individuals, have.

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