Pandle Update: Customise your Quick Links Menu

Why is it that pens disappear or stop working when the phone finally rings with the important call? Having the right tools when you need them most makes life so much easier, which is why we’ve made some changes to the Quick Links menu in Pandle!

Using Quick Links to get around

Quick Links live in the navigation menu of Pandle so you can create new documents and enter transactions quickly, no matter which screen you’re using at the time. It’s just one of the many ways that Pandle helps to speed up the bookkeeping process for you.

Customise your Quick Links Menu img 6

Everyone has different needs though, and there might be some tools in Pandle that you use more than others. We thought that rather than listing everything in one great-big-massive-giant-mega menu, you might like it if we built a feature that lets you choose your own Quick Links. So, we did. Ta-da!

Selecting your own Quick Links

The update means you can now customise your Quick Links menu, as well as seeing our pre-loaded quick-create options. First you will need to navigate to any screen or tab in your Pandle account, then simply open the Quick Links menu and select ‘Add This Page’ to include it in the list of options.

Customise your Quick Links Menu img 2

Pandle will save your selections at the bottom of the Quick Links menu, showing them in the order that you select them.

Customise your Quick Links Menu img 3

Then all you need to do in future is select them from the Quick Links menu to go directly to that page. Now that’s what we call getting straight to the point.

If you change your mind about your options (or you accidentally make a rogue selection – like my manager when he hired me), just click the bin logo alongside the feature name to remove it from the list.

Customise your Quick Links Menu img 5

Don’t worry, this won’t remove it from your Pandle account completely, just from the menu! Pandle will also show you an alert, just to make sure. Now, has anyone seen our pen?

Find out about Pandle’s time-saving features for hassle-free bookkeeping, and create your free account today.

Ronan Ferguson

Marketing Executive and Part-Time Copywriter. When I'm not working, you'll likely find me in an MMA gym, or knocking balls around with a wooden stick on a green baize.

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