Pandle Update: Dashboard Performance Improvements

Simple and efficient bookkeeping is what we’re all about here at Pandle HQ. So, as well as time-saving features to reduce the effects of tedious manual processes, we’re always looking at ways to make sure Pandle is as efficient as possible.

Which is why our latest performance update is designed to help make Pandle’s dashboards load even faster, so you can see what’s happening in your bank accounts more quickly. Buckle up!

Viewing your Banking in Pandle

Pandle’s dashboard is the first thing you see each time you sign in, providing a visual update of everything happening in your bookkeeping. It makes it much easier to see where everything’s up to, at a glance. To make it simpler to understand your data, the Bank Accounts Balance chart is also interactive, so you can click the columns to load a list of the transactions which make up the balance of that account.

Loading and calculating lots of data can take time though, which is why our latest update speeds things up. You’ll still be able to see what’s happening in your banking right from your dashboard, but now more quickly than ever before, and that’s a win for everyone!

Loading your banking data on your dashboard in record time

Our development team have made some upgrades to the way Pandle calculates data in the background. These changes mean that the way Pandle processes the information it needs to show your bank account balances on the dashboard can load faster, so you can spend less time hanging around and focus on what’s important.

Simply login to your account and Pandle will do the rest!

Even a few seconds here and there soon adds up, as anyone holding a plank in the gym will know. So, you can check your accounts on the go, pain, and hassle-free. Exactly how we like it.

Learn more about Pandle and how we’re tackling faster bookkeeping one update at a time, you can find more of our time-saving features here. Get started with your free trial of Pandle Pro.

Rachael Anderson

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