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Seamlessly integrate your bank accounts with your bookkeeping

Connect your bank accounts and payment platforms to Pandle, then watch your transactions flow in every few hours. Effortlessly manage your banking in real-time with a crystal clear picture of your financial performance.

Open Banking

11,000+ Bank Feeds

Multi Currency

Spend less time entering transactions

Give time-consuming bank reconciliation and manual data-entry the (judo) chop. Our secure bank feeds and automated banking tools manage your data for you, giving you more time to focus on being a business super-ninja.

Spend less time entering transactions
Reducing the risk of bookkeeping errors

Reducing the risk of bookkeeping errors

Import transactions straight from your bank, PayPal, and Stripe accounts to avoid data-entry catastrophes. Then let Pandle’s machine learning algorithms keep a close eye on your entries to ensure they’re accurate.

Maintain full visibility over your finances

Pandle helps you crunch the numbers in real-time, so you always have up-to-date information about your business when you need it most, allowing you to make insightful, well-informed decisions.

Maintain full visibility over your finances
Speed up your bookkeeping

Speed up your bookkeeping

Pandle will automatically categorise your expenses and select the correct invoices to mark as paid, when you select the right customer! Just one of the many little tricks we’ve got up our sleeve to reduce the time you spend on your bookkeeping.

Backing businesses of all shapes and sizes

Join over 90,000 users currently benefiting from our easy to use, intuitive bookkeeping software.

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Bank Feeds Pro

Connecting your bank accounts to your bookkeeping takes seconds, and saves you hours. Transactions flow securely into Pandle, where you can categorise them with ease or leave Pandle to do it for you.

Save time on data entry

Streamline your business, and get some space(bar) from your keyboard. Pandle automates the process of entering banking transactions, so you don’t have to type them into your accounts manually.

Reduce mistakes in your bookkeeping

Bank feeds pull transactions straight from the bank, so there’s no risk of data-entry errors, and no need for boring bank reconciliation checks. Accurate data, straight from the horse’s mouth (or the bank in this case).

Automate your banking

Pandle learns how you categorise your expenses and can automatically match payments to the correct invoices, so all you need to do is hit confirm (unless that’s the name of someone you know).

Complete multi currency support

Our ever-growing list of automated bank feeds includes thousands of integrations with banks that come in all shapes and sizes – from the high-street institutions to the online-only banks, in whichever currency you need.

Stripe Feeds

Our seamless integration automatically imports your Stripe transactions in to Pandle in real time, without the need for mind-numbing data-entry.

Spend less time entering information

Our Stripe Feed imports your Stripe transactions into Pandle as they happen, so you don’t have to. No more manual entry or fiddly file imports.

Reduce errors

Our Stripe balance check feature will constantly keep a lookout for any dastardly discrepancies between your Pandle and Stripe accounts.

Get paid more quickly

Our Stripe integration also powers Pandle Pay. This allows you to send customers a payment link so they can pay your invoices quickly and conveniently (with no excuses).

Simplify your ecommerce accounting

Using Stripe to take payments and Pandle to stay on top of your bookkeeping is a match made in heaven. We'll do the boring bits, whilst you're busy making sales.

PayPal Feeds Pro

Get transactions from PayPal into Pandle as if by magic, using our custom-built PayPal integration to pull your payment data into your bookkeeping.

Free up time in your business

PayPal fits into Pandle like a cog in a well-oiled machine. Connect your accounts and sit back as the transactions flow in without any manual data entry or uploads.

Fewer errors and less stress

Our super smart PayPal feed protects you from data-input disasters, by actively checking for duplicate transactions or balance discrepancies between Pandle and your PayPal account.

Bookkeeping without interruptions

Pandle manages everyday processes for you, quietly processing and categorising your PayPal transactions in the background. It’s like a devoted bookkeeping butler.

Manage multiple currencies with ease

Pandle will automatically detect the currencies you use in PayPal, and separate those transactions in your bookkeeping. Helping you feel on top of the world, no matter which country you're making sales in.

Bank Rules

Create bank rules to automate your bookkeeping and Pandle will categorise transactions, match payments, and assign tax codes in the background, whilst you crack on with the big stuff.

Spend less time on your bookkeeping

You’re your own boss, so you make the rules. And once you’re happy with how your bank rules work, you can let Pandle auto-confirm transactions for you.

Crystal clear clarity

Pandle will let you know exactly how many transactions are auto confirmed by your bank rule, and how many are left for you to check. So you always know where you stand.

Avoid repetition and duplication

Pandle automates repetitive bookkeeping tasks for you, so you can spend more time growing your business and less time doing your admin.

Pandle learns as you go

The bank rules machine learning algorithm will begin to understand your preferences, making your data even more accurate over time and warning you of any potential errors.

Bank Imports

Minimise the time you spend on manual data entry, and use our imports tool to upload statements from any bank in the world – straight into your bookkeeping.

Reduce errors in your bookkeeping

Download your bank statements as a CSV file, and then upload them into Pandle to create accurate records of all your transactions – without all the typing.

No more discrepancies

Our bank import balance checking tool will check for any discrepancies in the figures, to help you avoid getting burnt by errors further down the line. Ouch.

Automatically categorise transactions

Use bank rules to take care of categorising your imported transactions. See exactly what you’re spending in each area, and help your business become more efficient.

We've got your (bookkeeping) back

Some upload tools have a crisis if information isn’t in an order it recognises. Pandle will allow you to upload in any format you like, and will warn you of any potential errors.

Live chat support when you need it most

Get the most out of Pandle with in-built tours, guides and live chat support – so you will always have access to the answers you need, when you need them.




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Absolutely! Our Bank Rules feature enables Pandle to automatically categorise and assign tax codes to your transactions before confirming them into your bookkeeping records.

Our bookkeeping software integrates with over 11,000 banks, and we continue to add new ones every month. Use our Supported Bank Feeds search function to double check your bank is supported.

You can enter your transactions into Pandle manually, import your statements, connect a bank feed, or use a combination of all of these!

Pandle uses a secure HTTP connection (128-bit SSL), the same technology used by your bank to encrypt communications. It’s why we’re allowed to provide this kind of software to our users.

Our Bank, PayPal and Stripe feeds are all available to Pro users. If you swap to the free version of Pandle, all your data will still be available, but your real-time feeds will become inactive.

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