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British Tax Loophole

EU to Investigate British Tax Loophole

Last month it was discovered that the EU is launching an investigation into a British government scheme that may be helping multinational firms pay less in tax….

Wrapping your head around VAT

Wrapping Your Head Around VAT

As a UK business, you must register for paying VAT if your ‘VAT taxable turnover’ is more than £85,000. For many small businesses, that sounds like a large sum. In fact, if you’re in a sales-based business, as many are, it’s really not so large in practice. In reality, that’s actually ‘only’ around £1635 per…

VAT submissions

Submit Your VAT Return Direct From Pandle

VAT Returns are no one’s favourite thing. Aside from the endless number of receipts you have to sort through from the last six years, once you’ve input all the data in your own cloud accounting solution you then have to go to the HMRC portal and re-enter the information there to submit your return….