Three Taxing Tasks for Accountants in 2018

For accountants, January doesn’t feel as much like a new year as it does a scramble to finish off the old year – in financial terms. Here’s a look at three of the more onerous tasks 2018 has in store for you, and how you can help yourselves – and your clients – prepare….

How to Avoid the Dreaded HMRC Audit

An audit is an investigation carried out by HMRC to ensure that a company is tax compliant. It’s often a long, disruptive and stressful process where investigators run through all your financial information looking for errors or evidence of fraudulent behaviour….

Freelancers working from home

Can Freelancers Claim Rent On Their Taxes?

As a freelancer, it can be difficult to know what you can claim as a business expense and what is considered a private cost. When it comes to working from home, this can be especially tricky and hard to navigate….

British Tax Loophole

EU to Investigate British Tax Loophole

Last month it was discovered that the EU is launching an investigation into a British government scheme that may be helping multinational firms pay less in tax….