Do Shareholders Pay Tax on Dividends?

Dividends can be a great way for company shareholders to earn money in a tax-efficient way, but they are still subject to tax – just at a different rate to other types of income. What are dividends? Dividends are payments that limited companies can make to qualifying shareholders from the profits that the company earns….

How Do I Become a Company Director?

Every limited company is different. Some may be run by a board of experienced senior members with (at least) one director, and others are run by one person who takes on the role of the sole shareholder and company director. Whatever the structure, the role of the company’s director doesn’t change – they make sure…

Our guide to corporation tax

Our Guide to Corporation Tax

Ah, Corporation Tax, the unavoidable pain in the wallet. But what’s it all about? How much is it and when do you have to pay? If you’re looking to start a limited company, we thought we’d give you a quick insight into the main points around Corporation Tax so you can be armed with the…

What Should I Do To Start A Limited Company?

What Should I Do to Start a Limited Company?

So, you’ve had a brilliant idea for a business that you can’t wait to get off the ground. The next thing you need to do is get your business registered. There are different ways to structure your business depending on how you want to operate, such as through your own limited company. Registering a company…