Accepting Payments as a Small Businesses

Accepting Payments as a Small Business

Depending on what your business supplies, and how you operate it, can inform your customers’ expectations of how to pay. A stallholder might only accept cash, an online seller could rely on PayPal, and a freelance copywriter might send an invoice so clients can make a bank transfer. These are just examples, and there are…

3 Secrets to Managing Your Business Finances with Pandle

3 Secrets to Managing Your Business Finances

The financial side of the business doesn’t interest many entrepreneurs besides knowing they are profitable and capable of meeting their obligations. It’s the ‘side line’ to their main purpose, whether that’s as a landscape gardening business, a law firm, or a building contractor. However, managing the financial side of things is a necessary evil. You’ve…

Exposure of “Late Payment Hall of Shame”

Exposure of “Late Payment Hall of Shame”

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee have published their correspondence with a series of major companies, highlighting issues such as long payment terms and late payments and prompting FSB national chairman Mike Cherry to call it “a late payment hall of shame.”…

4 Steps to Keeping Track of Your Invoices as a Freelancer

When it comes to freelancing, it can feel like you spend all of your precious time working on projects. While important for the progression of your business, this can mean you neglect your completed projects and the invoices that cover all of your hard work….