IR35 Changes

What Confirmed IR35 Changes Mean for Contractors

If you’re up-to-date on your HMRC news, you may already be aware that there has been the possibility of changes coming to IR35 legislation for a while. These changes will be coming into effect on 6 April 2017. Read on to see how they could affect you as a contractor….

Key Tax Dates

Key Tax Dates for 2017/18

Getting prepared for upcoming tax dates is vital if you want to be ready for your deadlines and avoid any fees from HMRC….

tax tips

Top 5 tips for making tax season less stressful

If the phrases ‘tax deadline’ and ‘tax season’ send shudders down your spine, you’re definitely not alone. The comic-strip stereotype of the worn out business person sat at their desk, peering over a mountain of dusty paperwork becomes a painful reality for most of us when the deadline approaches. However, there are a few simple…