Crafting a Perfectly Written Business Plan

Why have a business plan? Having a written business plan is useful for any business, no matter how big or the nature of the work. It helps to have some direction, and can also be used to show potential investors or lenders your plans….

People working at computers for long periods of time

Sedentary Lifestyles Now Killing More Than One in Ten UK Workers

According to new statistics released by workplace design and management publication Insight last month, low-activity lifestyles could be killing more than 70,000 UK workers every year. What’s equally as concerning is that this is thought to be costing the NHS around £700 million each year, through extra treatments for heart disease and diabetes….

Scale Up a Small Business Quickly

Scale Up a Small Business Quickly

The old saying ‘patience is a virtue’ is true in a number of situations. Letting  a good bottle of wine to mature before popping the cork, or for your start-up venture transform into a lucrative enterprise are both worth waiting for. Growing a business from grassroots is a long process. It requires dedication along with…

SME Owners What's Your Goal?

SME Owners: What’s Your Goal?

Once you’re over the initial difficult phase of starting up and establishing your business, you might be tempted to sit back on your laurels for a bit. It’s understandable that you want to take a break from constant determined focus, but don’t leave it for too long. If your business isn’t going forward, the world…

Can Your Company Afford to be Cash Only

Can Your Company Afford to be Cash Only?

If you’ve resisted introducing card payments in your business, you might well have your reasons for doing so. Perhaps the set-up cost of a particular system has put you off, or maybe the homemade, nostalgic feel seems attractive….