Marketing options with a small budget

Marketing Options With A Small Budget

Small businesses and start-ups face notable challenges when it comes to marketing. You know you need to undertake marketing, but you don’t have endless resources. It means that getting the most bang for your buck is essential. There are a range of marketing strategies you can employ which don’t cost the earth. Which is right…

Freelancers 7 Ways to Get Yourself in the Work Mindset

Freelancers: 7 Ways to Get Yourself in the Work Mindset

Freelancing can be great. The freedom! The flexibility! Being your own boss! But the flipside is that you need to have plenty of self-discipline to get to your workspace every day, avoiding the lure of domestic chores, TV box sets, and long lunches with friends who have similar flexible working lifestyles….

Is Blockchain the Future of Freelancing

Is Blockchain the Future of Freelancing?

If you read this title and thought, “I really hope it isn’t, because I’m a freelancer and I haven’t got a clue what blockchain is,” then don’t panic. I can guarantee you’re not alone….

Freelancers Six Ways to Look After Your Mental Health

Freelancers: Six Ways to Look After Your Mental Health

Anyone who’s freelanced for more than a few months knows it has downsides as well as upsides, particularly for those working from home. Remove employment and you also remove structure, colleague support, direction from above, a steady supply of work (that usually appears without any input from you), a beginning and end to the working…

Seven Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Freelancers

Hiring freelancers can be an ideal way to bring expertise and different skills into your small business when they’re required. Freelancers save you the worry and expense of trying to create a regular-hours job, recruiting a suitable employee and setting up a workstation. But once you’ve hired your freelancers, what can you do to make…