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Using Freelance Job Sites

How to Start Using Freelance Job Sites

How do you find freelance work? This has got to be the most common question asked by new freelancers. Unfortunately, clients don’t tend to come knocking on your door unless you already have a reputation. So, most get started with freelance job sites to build experience, grow their network and of course, to get paying…

Make Your Breaks Count When You’re Freelancing

Make Your Breaks Count When You’re Freelancing

Ensuring you’re taking an adequate amount of work breaks is a difficult feat when you’re freelancing. They need to be long enough, but not run over, and substantial enough to benefit your productivity levels. You may even feel bad for considering having five minutes to yourself in the first place. After all, you’re fulfilling a…

Marketing options with a small budget

Marketing Options With A Small Budget

Small businesses and start-ups face notable challenges when it comes to marketing. You know you need to undertake marketing, but you don’t have endless resources. It means that getting the most bang for your buck is essential. There are a range of marketing strategies you can employ which don’t cost the earth. Which is right…

Freelancers 7 Ways to Get Yourself in the Work Mindset

Freelancers: 7 Ways to Get Yourself in the Work Mindset

Freelancing can be great. The freedom! The flexibility! Being your own boss! But the flipside is that you need to have plenty of self-discipline to get to your workspace every day, avoiding the lure of domestic chores, TV box sets, and long lunches with friends who have similar flexible working lifestyles….