When Should I Bill Clients for Work

When Should I Bill Clients for Work?

Billing clients for the work that you do sounds simple enough, but the reality can sometimes be a bit tricky. You might charge an hourly rate, a monthly fee, or a set amount per project. Then there’s the question of when to actually invoice the client. Before getting started? Should you request a deposit first?…

Do Accountants Have to Work In the Office

Do Accountants Have to Work In the Office?

The COVID-19 crisis saw more people than ever working from home, forcing many of us to think twice about the need to physically be in an office. But, for accountants faced with the need to offer continuing support to anxious clients, the logistical considerations were significant. Concerns about accessing data had to be resolved securely…

Can Anyone Use Paperless Accounting?

Can Anyone Use Paperless Accounting?

Whether you are an accountant yourself or a small business trying to manage the books, you may have heard of digital or cloud accounting already. The good news is that anyone can use paperless accounting, but you might find the idea of taking your accounts paper-free to be daunting. Accountants and bookkeepers considering the prospect…

What Can Pandle Do for Accountants?

Managing multiple client accounts comes with plenty of challenges. From handling disparate deadlines and ad hoc submissions or requests, to ensuring consistency and minimising errors – the work can get busy….