How Can Accountants Protect Client Data?

How Can Accountants Protect Client Data?

The way businesses treat their customer’s data is almost always huge news. Mishandling customer information can seriously tar the reputation of a businesses and in some cases, lead to legal issues….


Accountants, Are You Talking To Your Clients About MTD for Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA)?

Let’s start this with another question. Should you be talking to your clients about Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment (ITSA)? Guidance around it is still fairly generic, so it’s difficult to offer clients much in the way of detail. But, the internet is slowly filling with articles rehashing what little is known…

Do Accountants Have to Work In the Office

Do Accountants Have to Work In the Office?

The COVID-19 crisis saw more people than ever working from home, forcing many of us to think twice about the need to physically be in an office. But, for accountants faced with the need to offer continuing support to anxious clients, the logistical considerations were significant. Concerns about accessing data had to be resolved securely…

How Accountants Can Help Their Clients Become More Efficient

What Can Pandle Do for Accountants?

Managing multiple client accounts comes with plenty of challenges. From handling disparate deadlines and ad hoc submissions or requests, to ensuring consistency and minimising errors – the work can get busy….

Pandle Partner Update: Client Access Request Reminders

Here at Pandle HQ we’re on a bit of a mission to make bookkeeping as simple as possible, for both our users and our Pandle Partners. The proof is in our time-saving, error-reducing range of bookkeeping features. We like to keep those in tip-top shape, which is why we’ve added another key tool to help…