Protecting Your Business from Fraud

Business fraud occurs when scammers, from either outside or inside the organisation, falsely represent themselves or lie for financial gain. It can have a massively destructive effect on your business’s finances, reputation and more. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day of cash flow management and the hundred other things demanding your time, but…

How Can Accountants Protect Client Data?

How Can Accountants Protect Client Data?

The way businesses treat their customer’s data is almost always huge news. Mishandling customer information can seriously tar the reputation of a businesses and in some cases, lead to legal issues….

Cyber security

Your Basic Guide to Small Business Cyber Security

Although large companies and international corporations hold much vaster quantities of data, some most likely belonging to more prolific brands and customers, it could be argued that cyber security breaches are much more threatening to small business in many ways. Established companies and giant conglomerates have the big budgets they need to protect against data…