What Can Pandle Do for Accountants?

Managing multiple client accounts comes with plenty of challenges. From handling disparate deadlines and ad hoc submissions or requests, to ensuring consistency and minimising errors – the work can get busy.

Luckily accounting software exists which can handle a huge amount of heavy lifting, but not all of them are suitable to offer out as a bookkeeping interface to clients. It’s why we developed Pandle. It’s refreshingly simple, powerful, and because it’s cloud-based, it’s accessible. Buckle up, and we’ll start the tour.

Help clients go digital, seamlessly

We want switching from Excel or paper records to be as straight forward fas possible for businesses and their clients. Pandle is intuitive to use, with our Opening Balances Assistant explaining how to get started, and our built-in Opening Balances wizard to support users if they need it.

Easy-to-use software

We make bookkeeping simple. We know that keeping track of expenses, submitting tax returns and trading in multiple currencies can become complex for clients to handle. That’s why Pandle only displays relevant functions. Clients find it easier to use, and businesses simpler to manage.

No nonsense

Jargon can be one of the biggest barriers to successful bookkeeping for clients, so we just don’t use it. We speak in the client’s language, making it less frustrating and confusing, while saving time on repetitive explanations.

Pandle also has lots of time-saving features to streamline the whole process, such as asking clients to enter wage adjustments instead of wage journals, with Pandle completing the double entries.

The best value software

We believe in transparency, that’s why our prices our low and kept low. You won’t find us promoting offers for new businesses and hiking up our prices once clients are locked in, that’s not what we’re about. We are proud to offer competitive pricing, making us the most cost-efficient accounting software available.

Simplifying accountancy for smaller clients

For businesses with both large and small clients that are already using accountancy software, we found that there wasn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution. Smaller clients often found some software too complex to use. For those clients, Pandle makes getting started and keeping going straight forward, taking unnecessary complexity out of the equation. Pandle can be used alongside other accountancy software, helping businesses to manage smaller clients seamlessly, without the big fee.

Time-saving automations

We know that it’s easy for clients to make mistakes in their bookkeeping. Managing business priorities and keeping on top of records can be tricky. For accountancy and bookkeeping businesses, that can mean extra hours spent double checking submissions for consistency and errors. Pandle works to reduce errors before they’re even submitted.

Pandle will alert clients to inconsistent entries and potential errors – in real-time. For example, if a transaction brings a client’s cash balance into credit, Pandle will issue a warning notification straight away. Pandle also simplifies decision making for clients to improve accuracy, such as suggesting categories and tax codes for banking transactions.

Brand your own software

Ready to develop your own accountancy software? Brandle is our white-label cloud-solution for accountancy and bookkeeping firms. We provide the functionality, while you provide the branding.

Join more than 30,000 businesses already using and benefiting from being a Pandle Partner.

Elizabeth Hughes

A content writer specialising in business, finance, software, and beyond. I'm a wordsmith with a penchant for puns and making complex subjects accessible.

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