Pandle Feature: PayPal Feeds

We’re always working away behind the Pandle scenes, so that completing your bookkeeping is as simple as possible. Thanks to our latest update, it’s now even simpler! Our PayPal integration is a bespoke wraparound so that our PayPal Feeds are rock-solid, and incredibly simple to use. Just like our Bank Feeds feature, your PayPal transactions will flow into Pandle – as if by magic.

Record PayPal transactions in your bookkeeping with fewer interruptions

We’ve handcrafted our PayPal integration so that Pandle can manage the process in the background for you. It means that everyday processes like rounding figures and currency conversions happen seamlessly, whilst you focus on running your business.



Easily integrate your banking with your bookkeeping

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Manage your PayPal currencies in one place

Some accounting software providers ask their users to create a new PayPal feed for each currency. We think that’s a bit confusing, because PayPal lets you manage everything from one account.

Thanks to our bespoke integration, Pandle users can view all their currencies from the one PayPal feed. It means you don’t have to spend time setting up multiple feeds, and there’s less risk of making mistakes by duplicating transactions.

Once you create your PayPal feed, Pandle will automatically detect the currencies that are in use, and automatically create a sub-account for each one.

An easier way to show PayPal transfers in your accounts

We know that running a business takes up a lot of time! So, to save users as much precious time as possible, Pandle automates processes where we know it’s safe to do so.

For instance, if you transfer between your PayPal sub-categories, Pandle will categorise them automatically. You won’t need to waste time on simple data-entry tasks when Pandle can do it for you.

Pandle will even automatically deal with transfers between PayPal and any bank accounts you name in Pandle. That way you only need to handle the transfer in your banking transactions, rather than duplicating the work in your PayPal feed, too.

PayPal bookkeeping with fewer errors

Just like our Stripe and Bank Feed balance checks, our PayPal Feed balance check helps users make sure their PayPal balance matches their balance in Pandle.

This means that Pandle users with a PayPal feed will see an alert which indicates whether or not the balances currently match or not.


New Feature: PayPal Feed Balance Checks

Find out more about our timesaving bookkeeping tools, or get started with a free trial of Pandle Pro. You won’t need your card details and if you do decide to enrol, there are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. We’re all about simplicity.

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