Situations in the Office that Contribute to Poor Mental Health

Situations in the Office that Contribute to Poor Mental Health 

For some people, working in an office is great. It provides a stable work environment where they can focus on getting the task done. But for others, working in an office environment is really tough, and you might be surprised to learn just how much of an impact it can have on their mental health. You can’t truly know how…

Are Your Staff Showing Signs of Sick Building Syndrome

Are Your Staff Showing Signs of Sick Building Syndrome?

Like Ellesse tracksuits and platform trainers, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) was a phenomenon of the 90’s. Unlike the questionable outfits however, it’s currently making a comeback. What is Sick Building Syndrome? SBS can be diagnosed when regular inhabitants of a particular building feel consistently ill for no apparent reason. Often, it’s office workers who suffer….

work stress behind nearly half of sme employee resignations

Work Stress Behind Nearly Half of SME Employee Resignations

New research by software company Process Bliss shows that 43% of SME employees have left their job because the frustrations and stress they experience at work were not dealt with. Working for an SME is more stressful The report, ‘Causes and implications of workplace stress in SMEs’, also revealed 38% of respondents feel working for…


9 Ways to Encourage the January Health Kick at Work

We’ve all been there – blown the last of our December budget on brand new gym clobber and a smoothie blender with 100+ settings only to fall at the very first sound of a crisp packet being opened. Oh, and don’t even mention the extortionate gym membership you signed up for on New Year’s Day…