Switching to Pandle – Alternative Bookkeeping Software to FreeAgent

There might be other bookkeeping software on the block, but here at Pandle we’re serious about making ours straightforward to use. We developed Pandle to make accounting easier for small businesses, so we often hear from people looking for an affordable alternative to other accounting software providers, such as FreeAgent.


Is Pandle a good alternative to FreeAgent?

FreeAgent and Pandle do share some important qualities, with both providing cloud-based bookkeeping that users can access from anywhere.

We offer many of the same features, but because Pandle was developed with small businesses in mind, it’s at a much lower cost.

As well as our flat-rate pricing, Pandle is also designed to be used by anyone – you don’t have to be an expert. Our features help users minimise the risk of making mistakes in their bookkeeping, whilst automation options speed up lots of the time-consuming processes.

Plus, as well as the usual banking, accounting, invoicing and reporting tools that you’d expect to see, Pandle also includes features to help you manage your items, as well as work with customers and suppliers more easily.


Items (Stock Control)

Manage the items your business buys and sells

Learn more


Spend less time on admin, and more time on business

Entering information over and over is frustratingly time-consuming. By setting up Items, or inputting Customer and Supplier information, you only need to enter the data once.

That way, it’s ready to re-use each time you need to create a new invoice, or even set up Bank Rules so Pandle knows who to assign transactions to.

But even with the support of automated suggestions to speed things up, it’s easy to confuse things. Which is exactly why our support team are all bookkeeping specialists, so you can live chat to a real person, who really knows what they’re doing, right from within the Pandle app itself.

Are Pandle and FreeAgent affordable bookkeeping software?

There are other accounting software solutions which, like Pandle and FreeAgent, offer a range of bookkeeping tools. Pandle doesn’t have an introductory pricing strategy, or packages based on the size or type of business you run.

Our free platform provides incredibly powerful bookkeeping, whilst our Pro version really supercharges things, for just £5 + VAT per month.



Per month + VAT

Bank Imports

Send quotes & invoices

Business reports

Mileage Tracker

Mobile app

Payment reminders

Create customers and suppliers

Stock Control

*Price shown is the usual monthly cost, not inclusive of any introductory offers

Is it easy to transfer to Pandle from FreeAgent?

Switching to Pandle from other accounting software is supremely straightforward. Our easy-to-follow guide explains the changeover process in more detail.

You’ll need to download your trial balance report from FreeAgent (before your subscription expires!) to use the Opening Balances Assistant. In your FreeAgent account, open the Accounting menu, and select ‘Reports’. Under the ‘Detailed’ heading on your reports screen, click ‘Trial Balance’.

FreeAgent Trial Balance


If you do need extra help, our UK support team is instantly accessible through the live chat feature on our website and within Pandle itself.

Can Pandle help me with my tax return like FreeAgent can?

Absolutely! Pandle is fully HMRC compliant for Making Tax Digital (MTD), so you’ll be able to keep VAT records and submit VAT returns through our software.

We’ll also be extending our MTD compliance when it becomes available for other types of tax returns. Relax safe in the knowledge that we’re here for you now, and in the future.

Find out more about Pandle’s innovative features for straightforward bookkeeping simplicity, with fewer errors, and get started with your account.

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