Pandle Update: Improvements to Bank Rules

Here at Pandle, we’re always looking at ways to help make bookkeeping as simple as possible for our users. It’s just one of the many reasons why we launched our Bank Rules feature, way back in November 2018.

It was an instant hit, so we’re now excited to tell you about our latest improvement. Essentially, this update will ensure that no transactions are ever missed when Bank Rules are created.

What are Bank Rules?

For Pandle beginners, creating Bank Rules enables users to automatically categorise and assign tax codes to their imported transactions. It’s a real time-saver, since it cuts down on the number of transactions to check and confirm manually.

After all, Pandle is here to do the heavy lifting! There’s less risk of errors occurring if imported transactions are dealt with automatically, too.

Using Bank Rules to check and confirm imported transactions

Users can already access the main Bank Rules page through the Tool menu to create a new rule. Unfortunately, before this update, new rules created this way would only capture transactions imported from that point onwards.

Transactions which had already been imported would still need to be checked and confirmed manually. This could result in an ominously long list of transactions in the Check tab, waiting for attention. The new rule would then only apply the next time transactions were imported and appeared in the Check tab.

Before our shiny new update, there was a way for users to create a new rule which would apply to all transactions. The problem was, this method wasn’t very visible, as users would need to go through the Menu in the Check tab itself, and click Create Bank Rule.

Pandle Update: Improvements to Bank Rules

It was time for the Pandle development team to get their hero capes on and make life a little easier for our users.

So, hurrah! The newest improvement to the Bank Rules household is settling in nicely. It makes it possible for new Bank Rules created through the Tools menu to capture transactions which have already been imported, and are waiting to be checked and confirmed.

Bank Rules will now work the same whether they’re created through the Check tab on the Imported Transaction screen, or from the Tools menu.

And that, our dear users, don’t ‘alf make bookkeeping simpler all round.

If you have been using our Bank Rules feature, we’d love to hear your feedback! If you’ve only just discovered Pandle and would like to know more about Bank Rules and our other essential bookkeeping features, get in touch with the details below, or use the Live Chat button on the website.

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