With our range of reporting tools you will always know where your business stands financially, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

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Profit and Loss

Our simple profit and loss reports will give you full visibility of the financial position of your business. Nothing fancy here โ€“ just straight up numbers.

Balance Sheet

Keep track of all the assets and liabilities of your business. Having a clear visibility of this information will to ensure your business remains on a sound financial footing.

Trial Balance

Check your income, expenses, assets and liabilities for any period with our handy trial balance report.

Cash Flow

See a full breakdown of your cash flow based on historic transactions. Pro users also have access to our Cash Flow Forecasting report.


Never again be surprised with supplier payments. This report will detail exactly what money you owe to suppliers and when it is due.


Keep on top of your overdue customer invoices. This report will detail exactly who still needs to pay you and when these payments are due.



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Cash Flow Pro

Gain a deeper understanding of your businessโ€™ finances.

Data Exports

Quickly export your data to analyse it in greater detail.

Sales Tax

Choose your tax code to easily view sales tax reports.

Projects Pro

Access specific reporting on each project you undertake.

Reports are also available on our mobile appโ€ฆ


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