Switching to Pandle: A Free Alternative to Bokio

If you’re on the lookout for easy-to-use, powerful bookkeeping software, which doesn’t cost a fortune, Pandle has probably popped up on your radar more than once. It meant that when Bokio announced they were introducing a new set of payment tiers, we started to hear from more and more people desperate to find a replacement to Bokio as their previously free accounting software.


What changes did Bokio make to their pricing?

Despite their long-standing promise that Bokio would be free, the software provider confirmed the introduction of new payment tiers in December 2021. Though there is still a free option, most of the automations and features which make Bokio useful are now only available as paid options.

How can Pandle help me as an alternative to Bokio?

At Pandle we make refreshingly simple bookkeeping software, packed with powerful automations to help you save time, and reduce the risk of bookkeeping errors.

Bokio still has the same features that it did before, although it doesn’t yet provide some of the tools that Pandle does, such as stock control or project handling.

So, to fund the future development of any extra functions, Bokio have moved many of their existing features into new payment packages.


Is Pandle an affordable replacement for Bokio?

Because we don’t need to rely on fundraising or investors, we can develop features and provide them at a much lower cost than other providers.

Bokio have introduced payment tiers so that they can speed up the development of features which users have come to expect from bookkeeping software. Their free tier is now much more limited in what it can offer users.

Pandle is free (and really always will be!), with more automations available (such as (such as Bank Feeds, Projects, Stock Control and Receipt Uploads) on Pandle Pro for £5 + VAT per month. . Learn more about Pandle Pro.



Per month

Accept Invoice Payments

Automated Bank Reconciliation

Bank Rules

Bulk Editing


Recurring Invoices

Live Chat Support

Making Tax Digital compliant

Mileage Tracker

Mobile App

Multiple Currencies

Automatic Payment Reminders


Real Time Dashboard


Stripe Feeds

Unlimited Transactions

Unlimited Users

VAT Management

Is it easy to switch from Bokio to Pandle?

It is! Pandle has an Opening Balances Assistant to help you manage the switch, and import all your existing data easily. There are also helpful articles and product tours which guide you through using the main features of the software.

On top of all these self-service tools, our lovely Live Chat team of bookkeepers know the software inside-out and provide instant support, all on our free plan.


Leaving Bokio and moving to Pandle

Our help centre has guides which explain how to import your existing data into Pandle in more detail, but first you’ll need to export everything from Bokio.

Sign into your Bokio account, and select ‘Settings’, and then scroll down to ‘Your account’ and click on ‘Leave Company’.

export from Bokio

Then simply click ‘Export data’.

leaving Bokio


Bokio will download your trial balances report (which you’ll need in order to enter Opening Balances into Pandle), as well as your customers, invoices, and items. If you have stock or inventory items to import, you can either do this whilst entering opening balances, or you can enter them later.

The good news is that you won’t need to spend time typing everything in again (and risking typos in the process!) – you can import your customers, suppliers and invoices into Pandle quickly and easily.

And of course, if you get stuck at any point, just tap the Live Chat button in Pandle to talk to one of the team.

To try out our time-saving features, take Pandle out for a spin. Don’t worry, we won’t ask for your bank details!

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