Switching to Pandle: A Cheaper Alternative to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a popular choice with those in need of bookkeeping software, and for a good reason. After all, striking the right balance (accounting pun intended) between powerful features and ease-of-use is difficult to pull off. Just ask our developers – they like to make it look easy, but we’ve seen the marathon development and testing sessions.

Despite providing lots of the same accounting tools and features that they do, we’re not trying to be QuickBooks here – they’ve got that covered. Instead, we’re here for businesses who need affordable, timesaving bookkeeping software which will help reduce accounting errors. Hi!


A QuickBooks alternative that’s easy to use

QuickBooks, or QB as it’s known in the biz, is one of the fintech industry’s juggernauts. Pandle provides lots of the same bookkeeping tools but built for small businesses.

Our software testing process includes people who aren’t bookkeepers or developers, to make sure that anyone can use Pandle to complete their bookkeeping quickly, easily, and with less risk of making errors. You won’t need accounting experience to get started.

We’re pretty (very) committed to good customer support too, so you can talk to one of our bookkeeping trained Pandle advisors as much as you need to, for free. Even if you’re an accountant using Pandle with your clients, we’ll take care of the Pandle support.


Easily integrate your banking with your bookkeeping

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Is there a cheaper alternative to QuickBooks?

QB has a lot of the features larger firms need to complete their bookkeeping, and as such has a price tag to match. A larger business with very complicated accounts is going to need accounts software which is similarly complex. Pandle has been fine-tuned with small businesses and sole traders in mind, so the price is much more affordable.



Per month + VAT

Accept payments*

Bank Feeds


Multiple currencies**

Payment reminders



Stock control***

Unlimited users

User Permissions****

*£14 per month, **£28 per month,
***£38 per month, ****£90 per month

It also means lots of the unnecessary steps that you’ll find in most bookkeeping processes have been safely removed, so you can just crack on.

Why do I have to reconcile my accounts in QuickBooks?

Well be honest – these days you probably don’t have to. Bank reconciliation is the time-consuming process of comparing data to make sure it matches. In ye olden days this was essential for making sure that the information copied from your bank was the same as the transactions in your bookkeeping.

The trouble is, bank rec is also mind-numbingly tedious, the phone always rings halfway through, and it’s easy to overlook transactions for the same amount. And that’s where mistakes get made but wow, errors like that can spiral into something ridiculous.

quickbooks intuit reconcile

Using bank feeds or a file import essentially means your copying your bank statement into Pandle, though. So why would you then spend time reconciling it against… itself? Using these tools to get data into Pandle saves time on data entry, but also means we can safely remove the extra bank reconciliation stage.

So we did! In Pandle, you won’t need to spend time reconciling transactions imported from the bank, so you can concentrate on the stuff that actually matters.

How do I move from QuickBooks to Pandle?

Switching from QuickBooks is nice and easy. Our help centre explains how to import your existing data into Pandle in more detail, but first you’ll need to export everything from QuickBooks.

Sign into your QB account, and click the cog icon to open the menu. Click ‘Export data’ under the tools heading.

Export from QB

Use the option sliders to select the information you want to export, and click ‘Export to Excel’, and then import the data into Pandle when you’re ready!

export from QB

If you need any help, our UK support team is instantly accessible through our live chat feature within Pandle itself. Ta-da!

To try out our Bank Feeds and other time-saving features, take Pandle Pro out for a spin. Don’t worry, we won’t ask for your bank details, and the trial period is completely free.

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