Pandle Update: Managing Your Pandle Pro Payments

Even the most organised people can forget things sometimes. It’s one of the reasons why we’re such big fans of using reminders to keep things on track. It reduces the risk of overlooking important events such as paying our bills on time (or reminding clients to pay theirs).

Making things easier for our users is at the heart of everything we do here at Pandle. Our latest update means you’ll receive an automatic reminder when the payment card used for your Pandle Pro subscription is about to expire. That way you’ll be able to keep everything up-to-date without accidently losing the Pro features that you rely on every day, and have one less thing to remember.

Bookkeeping software without the contracts or fuss

Pandle’s free plan will be free forever, but to automate your daily bookkeeping tasks, Pandle Pro is available to do the heavy-lifting for you. We know how quickly things can change in a business, so Pandle Pro is a rolling subscription, rather than a contract that ties you down.

It means you can cancel your Pandle Pro account at any time, without losing your bookkeeping data. You won’t be billed again unless you restart your subscription, and your account will simply return to the free plan.

Managing your Pandle Pro subscription

Our latest update means that users who have admin permission for their company’s Pandle account will now receive email reminders when their payment card is due to expire.

You’ll be sent the first reminder one month before your Pro plan will expire, and then another email three days before, if the payment details still haven’t been updated. That way, you have enough notice to take care of everything, and won’t temporarily lose any of your Pro features.

Pandle Update: Manage Your Pandle Pro Payments and Subscription More Easily 1

Accountants and bookkeepers using Pandle with their clients will also receive a reminder, even if you’re not responsible for making the payments on the account. It just makes it easier to identify any possible issues your clients might have, before they even happen.

In-app notifications to help you manage Pandle Pro

If you want to continue your Pandle Pro subscription, but the expiry date passes before you have chance to update your details, don’t panic! You won’t lose any of your data, and we’ll even store a fully encrypted back-up of your Bank Feed credentials for 3 months (or until you cancel your subscription).

The subscription will be paused, and your Pro account will return to our free plan until you’re able to update your info.

You’ll see a notification each time you sign into your Pandle account, which you’ll be able to dismiss for that session, but don’t worry – you’ll be reminded the next time you sign in. We don’t expect you to remember everything!

PPandle Update: Manage Your Pandle Pro Payments and Subscription More Easily 2

To help you confirm your choices, Pandle will load your Company Subscriptions page when you first login, so you can easily change your plan, cancel the subscription, or update the payment details.

PPandle Update: Manage Your Pandle Pro Payments and Subscription More Easily 3

No pressure, no contracts, no hassle. Just simple, straightforward bookkeeping software, for free or on a rolling subscription.

Find out more about Pandle’s bookkeeping features and tools, or try Pandle Pro for a 14-day free trial – no card details needed!

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