Brandle: The Unique White Labelling Solution for Accountants

Having your own bookkeeping software has many benefits. It can become a great selling point to help you compete in your industry and it also gives your clients added value.  

We already offer a basic Pandle Partner account that allows accountancy firms to use our software to manage their clients’ accounts with ease.

However, we wanted to go one step further and so created Brandle, a unique white label solution and a handy alternative to creating your own software. Currently Pandle is the only bookkeeping software on the market that offers this service for small practices.


What is Brandle?

While there are plenty of benefits to having your own software, the biggest downsides are time and costs. It takes a lot of time, patience and money to develop software that can compete in this market.

What we offer you is a happy medium – your own software without the expense and hassle of having to develop it yourself.

With Brandle you get all the features of our partnering account but with the added benefit of being able to personalise it for your own firm. All mentions of Pandle will be removed and replaced with your own company branding and logo. This gives you the benefits of having your very own software at a more convenient cost.


Key features and benefits

Branding presence

Branding is so important for businesses to get their name out there in order to stick in people’s minds. The key to good branding is consistency, so with Brandle you can choose your own logo, imagery and colour scheme to suit your own company and website branding.



Our Brandle accounts can be hosted on a domain of your choice. This means that it will be hosted on your own web address, so for example, rather than on Pandle’s.

This means that you’ll benefit from additional traffic as your clients will be visiting your website instead of ours. This will help to boost your digital marketing efforts and your search engine rankings so you’re more likely to be found by potential clients in the future.


Include your own content

As well as being able to change the look of the software, you’ll also be able to tweak the content to suit material already on your website.

You’ll be able to change error messages, labelling and menu text to make sure it’s unique to your business and familiar to your clients. You can also include your own terms and conditions or you can use Pandle’s if you’d prefer.


You can charge whatever you want for Brandle

Having Brandle opens up another channel for income because you can choose to charge whatever you want for using the software.

As you won’t have to recoup a huge investment from developing your own software, you can enjoy financial returns sooner and at little cost.

You can also choose to include it as part of your accountancy services for free which further increases the value for clients and makes them more likely to choose you over others.



Reduce errors and spend less time on bookkeeping

Learn more

Got any new ideas?

If you have any ideas for new features or changes you’d like to see in Pandle’s software, you may be able to get them developed for free.

If your request will benefit other Pandle users then we’ll develop it at no cost to you. If not, then we’ll provide a quotation for the work.

All improvements, feature releases and updates we make to Pandle will be provided free of charge. We will offer your version of Pandle the same care and attention we give to our other users.


Full support available

With Brandle, we provide you with full support via interactive help, email support and our support pages to help you get the most out of the software.

All support emails from your clients will be referred to an email address of your choosing, giving you control over support offered without us as the middle man.

A Help Centre is available for you to add your own support pages, similar to Pandle’s own Help Centre.

Pandle Help Centre

How to get set up with Brandle

If you’re interested in Brandle, it’s a really simple process to get set up.


Step 1 – Download the Brandle Guide

The Brandle Guide will give you a full overview of pricing and any other details you’ll need to start using cloud accounting software.


Step 2 – Register for a Brandle demo

If you’d like to see how the software works and how it differs from regular Pandle, we’ve got a demo account set up so you can get a feel of how your software will look.


Step 3 – Complete the Brandle Agreement

If you’re happy to go forward and sign up, you can read and sign the Brandle Agreement. You’ll need to pay a set-up fee and then we can get to work on personalising your Brandle account.


What you’ll need:

  • Name of your software
  • A high resolution logo
  • Your domain name
  • Email address you want to use for Brandle communication
  • Your chosen billing method
  • Terms and conditions (if using your own)
  • Social media links (if you have them)


If you’re interested in learning more about Brandle, take a look at our page here to download your free guide. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly via

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