PayPal Feeds Pro

Connect your PayPal account and watch your transactions flow seamlessly into Pandle. Then simply categorise each transaction to keep your bookkeeping accurate and up to date.

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Save time every month

Pandle saves you time by automating the process of entering transactions from your PayPal account, so you can focus on growing your business.

Reduce errors

Our PayPal feed cuts out any potential errors by removing the need to manually enter or import transactions, ensuring your accounts are always accurate.

Multi-currency conversions

Pandle is able receive and understand transactions from any currency. So if you sell internationally with PayPal, Pandle will handle everything for you.

Pandle learns as you go

Over time Pandle will begin to automatically categorise transactions for you based on your previous selections, then all you’ll need to do is hit confirm!

Categorise each transaction

Before confirming each transaction from your PayPal account you have the option to assign a category, so you know exactly how much you are spending in each area of your business.

Quickly resolve discrepancies

Our balance check feature will enable you to quickly identify and resolve any discrepancies between your PayPal balance and the balance in your Pandle account. Meaning more accurate your bookkeeping records.



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PayPal feeds are also available on our mobile app…


Pandle Mobile app

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