Top 5 reasons to use a bookkeeping software for your small business

Running a small business will no doubt take up all of your time, from growing your client base to promoting services and dealing with customers. However, with new advances in technology and online tools managing your time is becoming easier to do. In terms of running a small business we feel that a bookkeeping software such as Pandle helps you to manage your finances in a more efficient manner.

We have compiled a list of reasons why using a bookkeeping software will benefit your small business.

  1. Save time and money – Cloud accounting is often cheaper than buying traditional software and is usually a low monthly subscription for unlimited data and users. Here at Pandle we offer a free 6 months subscription with online support. Not only does cloud based bookkeeping save you money but it also saves you time. Our easy to use software means that the time spent on mundane tasks such as record keeping and filing invoices will be significantly reduced, allowing you to spend more time on other tasks.
  1. Cashflow control – As a small business managing your cashflow is critical to the success of your business growth. An easy bookkeeping software programme such as Pandle can help you generate invoices and keep track of customers who owe you money. This means you can also save time chasing up missing payments.
  1. Tax preparation – If the daunting task of searching for all your documents and receipts ready for your accountant to complete your taxes is a regular occurrence, then a bookkeeping software is perfect for you. Our software allows you to keep organised and on top of your records ready to send all of your information straight to your accountant with a click of the mouse!
  1. No need for a calculator! – To keep good records with a bookkeeping software you won’t be expected to have studied accounting or any kind of financial training. Pandle is so simple that you can get up and running straight away. The software also calculates everything for you! This means that you are far less likely to end up with errors in your finances.
  1. Access – Cloud-based services can allow multiple users to access the data on their account simultaneously and at no extra charge. It also offers web connectivity to multiple users through different devices. This brings small businesses closer than ever to large businesses. The convenience of cloud-bookkeeping also means that data can be entered in real time meaning you can keep records up to date and accurate whist mobile.

It is clear to see that no matter what type of business you are running, small business bookkeeping software is an essential asset to your business. Find out more about our services here

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