Switching to Pandle – A Low-Cost Alternative to Xero Bookkeeping Software in the UK

We’re not the only fintech company on the block, but at Pandle we’re proud of our reputation for providing powerful bookkeeping software which is easy to use.

Because we do this at such an affordable price, we often hear from users who are looking for a cheaper alternative to other accounts software, such as Xero.



Per month + VAT

Bank Imports

Bulk Editing

Business reports

Enter unlimited bills*

Making Tax Digital VAT

Multiple Currencies

Send Unlimited Invoices*

*£30 per month

Is Pandle easy to use compared to Xero?

Xero is an industry heavyweight, whereas Pandle is refreshingly simple to use accounting software. It’s designed to help users complete their bookkeeping quickly, and to minimise the risk of making mistakes in their records.


Pandle includes many of the same bookkeeping tools and features as Xero, but built for small businesses


This means Pandle is available for a much lower cost than Xero, and most users find the format more intuitive. Xero is a great piece of kit for professionals, though this can make it complex if you’re not an accountant. In contrast, Pandle is built for small businesses and freelancers who don’t have a lot of accounting knowledge when they get started.



Easily integrate your banking with your bookkeeping

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What’s the difference between Pandle and Xero for small business bookkeeping?

Xero has been built with all businesses in mind, whereas Pandle is built for small businesses. This means that Pandle doesn’t have as many unnecessary features to complicate things.

If your business is very big and complicated, and if you have an in-house finance team, then it makes sense to use similarly complicated accounts software.

Pandle specialises in providing very straightforward bookkeeping software that helps you run your business as efficiently as possible, without needing to be an expert accountant. (We’ll leave that to your accountant).

As well as providing tools to help you get paid more quickly, we’ve developed features which remove unnecessary extra steps, such as reconciling transaction data when it’s imported straight from your bank.


Spend less time on admin, and more time on business


Bank reconciliation is the frustratingly time-consuming process of comparing two sets of data against each other. Even with the support of automated suggestions to speed things up, it’s easy to confuse things. Especially if you’re not a financial whizz, or if there are multiple transactions for the same amount.

And of course, we’re only human. There’s a strong chance of minds wandering when there are stacks of transactions to reconcile, which often translates into errors further down the line.

At Pandle we know that using Bank Feeds means it’s safe to remove this step. The transaction information is already coming straight from your bank, but you might find some software providers still include the process.


xero bank reconciliation

Is Pandle an affordable alternative to Xero accounting software?

There are other accounting software solutions which, like Pandle, offer the same features that Xero provide. Pandle’s pricing is much more competitive, making it a realistic alternative for smaller businesses.

Our free platform provides incredibly powerful bookkeeping whilst our Pro version, which shares many of Xero’s heavyweight accounting features, is £5 per month.

Can I switch from Xero to Pandle?

Yes, you can – switching to Pandle from other accounting software is supremely straightforward. Our easy to follow guide and video below explains the changeover process in more detail.


To export your data from Xero, select ‘Advanced’ in the accounting menu, and then click ‘export accounting data’. Xero will give you options to select which information you’d like to download, including your general ledger (Pandle will ask for your trial balance from Xero when you’re making the switch).

xero data export

Just remember, you’ll need to export your data before your Xero subscription expires!

If you do need extra help, our UK support team is instantly accessible through our live chat feature within Pandle itself.

Multiple Currencies

Can Pandle support my VAT return like Xero can?

Absolutely! Just like Xero, Pandle is fully HMRC compliant for Making Tax Digital (MTD). You’ll be able to keep VAT records and submit VAT returns through our software.

We’ll also be extending our MTD compliance when it becomes available for other types of tax returns. Relax safe in the knowledge that we’re here for you now, and in the future.

Find out more about Pandle’s innovative features for straightforward bookkeeping simplicity, with fewer errors. Create your free Pandle account to get started.

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