Finding a Replacement for Wave Accounting Software

Here at Pandle we’re proud of our reputation for providing a high-quality, powerful bookkeeping software for a low price which is affordable for every small business owner. It meant that when Wave announced that of their accounting software services were being withdrawn from the UK in September, our phones started to ring with people desperate for an alternative as a replacement.


Why are Wave withdrawing some accounting software features from the UK?

Sadly, Wave have confirmed that the bank feed service they offer will no longer be available for customers based in the UK and EU, as of September 2019.

It’s because something called the Open Banking Regulations are coming in to effect on 14th September 2019, which means new rules on the way that bank account information is accessed and shared.

Unfortunately, Wave have said that the changes they would need to make for their software to comply with the Regulations are too expensive. So, the features which would be affected by this will be switched off for UK and EU customers.

We’re pleased to confirm that our own compliance application will be completed before the rules come into effect, so we can continue Bank Feeds support to our users.


How can Pandle bookkeeping software help me as an alternative to Wave?

Pandle is refreshingly simple and easy to use accounting software, designed to reduce errors and save time for its users. We offer largely the same features as other bookkeeping software providers, at a much lower cost, and in a more accessible and intuitive interface.

The bank feed system that has led to Wave’s withdrawal from the market is the same as our Bank Feeds feature. It’s an invaluable tool which supports users by automatically importing transactions from their bank accounts into Pandle.

Because the process is automated, much less time is spent entering information manually, which carries its own risks of data entry errors (the cause of so many weird and wonderful mistakes!).


Is Pandle an affordable alternative to Wave accounting software?

There are other software solutions available that, like Pandle, offer the same features that Wave do. Pandle is priced much more competitively, and is especially more realistic an alternative for smaller businesses.

Our free package is incredibly powerful. The package which includes the Bank Feeds feature similar to Wave is priced at just £5 per month. Learn more about our pricing here>

Is it easy to transfer to Pandle from Wave?

Switching to Pandle from any accounting software is designed to be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. This easy to follow guide explains the changeover process, if you come across any issues you can chat to our support team using our free live chat feature, within Pandle itself.


Is Pandle MTD ready?

Yes! Pandle is fully HMRC compliant for Making Tax Digital (MTD), so users can submit their VAT returns through our software. We’re committed to extending compliance as MTD is rolled out for other types of tax returns too, so our users can relax knowing we’re here to help now, and in the future.

Pandle is loaded with innovative features for straightforward, bookkeeping simplicity and fewer errors. Find out more about our services by clicking here

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