Managing your customers in Pandle is a breeze. Our range of customer tools will save you time and give you greater control over your finances.

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A seamless transfer

We know time is of the essence, which is why it only takes a few short steps to import all of your previous customers into Pandle. If you need help with this you can email

Credit limits

Pandle allows you to set a credit limit for each customer you invoice, providing greater control over customers who owe you money. You can also use our Payment Reminders feature to chase up late payments.

Customer grouping

Do you invoice a group of customers the same amount each month? Save precious time by creating a customer group on Pandle then invoicing them all one go.

Customer statements

Our customer statements provide a breakdown of any invoices, customer receipts or credit notes you have issued. So both you and your customers will always know how much they still have to pay.

Split invoices

With Pandle you can split an invoice you send to customers, breaking it down into the specific categories and/or tax codes required. This level of control enhances the accuracy of your reporting.


If your customer over pays you for an invoice our simple overpayments feature will allow you to quickly allocate the amount to their account as a part payment against the next invoice you issue them.



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Transferring to Pandle

Need help transferring from your current accounting system?

Our opening balances assistant will guide you through this, whether you’re moving from alternative software or spreadsheets.

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