We’re 1,500 Everests Tall, With 50,000 Pandle Users

When we launched Pandle back in July 2015, we were on a mission. We’ve been on it ever since, to make bookkeeping as simple and straightforward as possible for small business owners.

Because honestly, running a business is complicated enough without all the numbers and tax compliance.

So, a hearty round of applause from us at Pandle HQ to you, for getting out there and doing your own thing. All FIFTY THOUSAND of you. 50,000 users!

50,000 people saving time

Our brainbox developer boffins normally love a good number crunch, but even they had to sit down when we multiplied 50,000 people by all the hours saved.

All those potential errors avoided. All that time clawed back. Time that would have been spent on data entry and feeling stressed trying to work out one end of a VAT return from the other.

  • So far, we’ve helped you process 12,044,553 transactions.

  • You’ve made a total of £4,760,540,068 worth of sales through Pandle. Stack those pound coins up, and they’re the height of Everest… 1,506 times. You guys are in the stratosphere!

  • And it’s not all about UK pounds – our users have accounts across 167 countries (keeping our Multiple Currencies feature busy too).

Seeing you all unfurl your ideas into successful businesses is a humbling thing to be part of. We’re driven on by the feeling that your business is our business.

So, what’s next?

With some major new features coming through the development pipeline (including our sparkly new inventory management tools) as well as our ongoing user-experience review, we’ll keep on doing exactly what 50,000 people know they can rely on us for. Providing bookkeeping software which is as user friendly as possible, saves time, and helps you reduce the risk of mistakes.

At Pandle HQ we’re passionate about developing and providing tools which make life easier for busy business owners. Create your free account to start exploring.



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Elizabeth Hughes

A content writer specialising in business, finance, software, and beyond. I'm a wordsmith with a penchant for puns and making complex subjects accessible.

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