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This month we spoke to Christos Vasilopoulos, Head of Digital at ChannelDoubler Digital Marketing about how they help their clients grow.

For the last 17 years we’ve been providing digital marketing services to small to medium-sized businesses. Our main focus is on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and working with clients to develop an eCommerce strategy which they can then build on.

Ranking a website page in search organically is still the best-value method to market most e-businesses, in comparison to paid search (PPC).

We also have an eLearning course which teaches users how to build a complete SEO-friendly website in WordPress and WooCommerce, from A to Z.

What challenges did you overcome to set-up and grow your business?

We want our growth and strategy to be as tax efficient as possible, whilst expanding into new markets. Keeping really good financial records meant our accountant was able to help us a lot.


“One of the biggest challenges in setting up a business is having peace-of-mind about your finances. “


We were introduced to Pandle whilst it was still taking its “baby steps”. It’s been a valuable tool for running our business ever since then.

Fortunately we were already familiar with similar systems (ERP, Accounting), but Pandle is extremely easy to use, low cost, and was not bloated with unnecessary features. We are happy to see it is still evolving as a valuable business tool.

We’re working on expanding into more countries, as well as working with specific niche markets. At the moment we’re also planning to develop ways of automating marketing processes even further. This includes things like automation of leads, sales, and project management, all of which is crucial for boutique agencies like us.

Learn more about Christos and ChannelDoubler, or find out more about using Pandle cloud accounting software in your business.

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