New Pandle Features: User Permissions, Credit Limits and Split Transactions

As the beginning of April is the best time to switch cloud accounting software, it makes good sense to update Pandle in time for the arrival of our new users; which is exactly what we’ve done.

But don’t worry, existing Pandle users will get just as much use out of the new features, especially those who hope for an even more intuitive bookkeeping solution.

Have a read below for the full list of what we’ve updated and what it means for your Pandle experience.

User Permissions

For Pandle Pro users, User Permissions are now available. This feature allows you to regulate other Pandle users’ views. For example, if you have employees using Pandle, you may wish for them to have a limited view of the company accounts.

You can edit user permissions across all of Pandle, so users only see information relevant to them.

Learn more about turning on User Permissions in Pandle on our Support Pages.

Credit Limits

Setting a credit limit is a handy feature to have if you’re concerned about late paying customers.

All Pandle users will now be able to include a Credit Limit on customer invoices. This will allow you to set a credit amount to a customer. You can then edit or change this credit limit at any time.

If you send an invoice to a customer which pushes them over the credit limit you have set, the Pandle user will receive a warning.

Learn how to use Credit Limits over on the Pandle Support Pages.

Split Transactions

Split Transactions are transactions which cover multiple categories. You will need to use these for expenses or income which span across different categories.

For example, if an employee takes a business trip, on which they incur expenses, you will need to reimburse them for the numerous costs. These will not come under one category and as a result, you will need to split the transaction.

Split Transactions are available for all Pandle users. You can find more information on how to set up and use Split Transactions in Pandle here.

And more…

If you haven’t heard, the Pandle app will be coming to a phone near you very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for our latest announcements to make sure you don’t miss it!

Is there a Pandle feature you’d like to see? Get in touch with us and tell us what you would include. If we agree it would be of benefit to Pandle users, we’ll happily include it!

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