Personalised Invoice References Are Here!

It’s not fun when the little things get in the way of focusing on the bigger picture.

So when something isn’t working for our Pandle users, we make it a priority to change it; nothing should get in the way of how you run your business!

So when our users got in touch explaining that our invoice names weren’t working for them, we heard you.

Until now Pandle has used a counter to name each invoice reference, for example; 001.

Many of you felt that you could be more organised if you were able to personalise invoice references , either with a different prefix for each customer or a general prefix.

Now you can have both.

So, say you want to prefix for a group of customers, such as PAN, but you also want an individual prefix, such as DLE, you can have both. Your new invoice references will look something like this; PAN-DLE-150.

Invoice References

If you’ve got feedback about this change, or want to see other changes on Pandle, get in touch! You can email us on or contact us through Twitter and Facebook.


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