Receipt Uploads are Coming to Pandle Mobile!

Receipt Uploads

Pandle is a cloud-based bookkeeping software that has a plethora of integrated features to maximise the efficiency, validity and professionality of how a user’s financial data is handled, stored and distributed.

Not only are users able to collate multiple transactions in one place, via the power of Bank Feeds. But similarly, users can store all financial documentation collectively via Receipt Uploads, by importing receipts and invoices and linking them to transactions. This prevents users from having to hunt for receipts, misplaced invoices and wade through infinite boxes of documentation.

With Receipt Uploads, users can import receipts and invoices, by capturing photographs of them on their phone – or by importing PDF or word documents – and can assign them to relevant transactions, keeping all financial data, together, organised and categorised.

And there’s more, our latest development means that users can now upload their relevant receipts, invoices, PDFs and word documents via the Pandle Mobile app.

That’s right, Receipt Uploads are coming to the Pandle Mobile app

Our latest development allows users to capture photos of receipts / invoices and store them in their Uploads via the Pandle Mobile app. This keeps all images of documentation in one place and allows users to upload receipts and invoices to their Uploads, whilst on-the-go via their mobile device.

Simply snap a picture of your receipt and upload to your Uploads via Pandle Mobile app, see below:

Once uploaded, users can pick up where they left off, and access their Uploads via the Pandle web app. Users then can easily attach receipts and documents to relevant transactions via the Pandle web app.

No longer will users have to manually deposit photographed receipts into Dropbox or Google Drive storage. Instead, users can simply import images of receipts and invoices or upload PDF and word documents via the Pandle Mobile app and then effortlessly attach them to transactions in the Pandle web app.

And there’s more, coming soon

In just a short few weeks, users will be able to capture images of receipts / invoices via their smartphone, upload them through the Pandle Mobile app, and assign them to relevant transactions, directly via the Pandle Mobile app.

This will completely eliminate users from having to later access their Uploads via the Pandle web app, keeping bookkeeping constantly accessible for remote users.

Further developing Pandle’s ethos of delivering 24/7 bookkeeping for users at their fingertips, our latest feature will prevent users from ever misplacing relevant documentation pertaining to transactions.

Additionally, there will be no excuse for users who forget to process invoices / send receipts to clients, as they can simply do so, effortlessly, whilst out-and-about. Moreover, assigning Receipt Uploads and documentation to relevant transactions, efficiently categorises users’ documentation alongside transactions, to keep all relevant information organised.

Try it yourself; head over to the Pandle Mobile app take a picture of your receipt, and upload it to your Pandle account to access later via Uploads. Ensure to keep your eyes peeled for more Receipt Upload developments from us, coming soon!

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