Pandle: Mobile App Updates

Just over a year ago we released our mobile app for Pandle users, making bookkeeping available on the go, whenever, wherever. You no longer return to the office after a day of meetings to a backlog of invoices. You can avoid waiting until you are home to distribute quotes to clients. And if mistakes occur, don’t panic, you can effortlessly amend transactional errors in real-time via Pandle using your handset.

But, we haven’t just stopped at that.

We’re consistently enhancing our services to make managing your accounts as user-friendly and accessible to all types of business learner.

As we approach the 20,000 user mark, we’re confident that our bookkeeping services are improving the way you manage your accounts, influencing us to make further developments to our services.

Following the announcement of our newly improved mobile app earlier this month, we’re here to give you the low-down on what we’ve been working on.

Take 24/7 control of your finances with additional updates, to maximise time-efficiency, accuracy and order.

Here’s what’s new:

• Users can now search for invoices, customers, companies and quotes, making it easier to find what you’re looking for

• Infinite scrolling has been added to make it easier for users to handle large numbers of entries

• Users can now clearly see the number of transactions that need to be confirmed for each bank account

• Category suggestions for banking transactions and invoices have been added.

The app will learn from your previous entries and set the categories and tax rates for similar transactions in the future, making your life a little easier.

The old version of the Pandle app will cease to operate from Monday 15th October so all users will have to download the new Pandle Mobile app.

Once you have downloaded the new app you will need to delete the old version, our new mobile app comes with a new icon so you will know which one to keep.

old pandle app

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