Introducing Pandle’s New Website and Help Centre

You may have noticed that Pandle’s website is looking a little bit different recently. That’s because we’ve had a makeover and are pleased to share with you our brand new look!

The aim of the new Pandle website look is to make your visit seamless, informed and interesting, helping you find the information you need quickly.

Some of the best bits of the new website include; an easy-to-view blog layout that lets you keep up to date on the latest Pandle news, a titivated Pandle pricing table and more information on Pandle features. All of these bells and whistles mean you can find what you need easily, saving you precious time that can be spent on the important stuff, like running your business!

As well as our updates to the Pandle website, we’ve been working away on giving the Pandle Help Centre a remodel, making your Pandle learning experience more effortless than ever.

New Pandle Website

You can easily navigate the Help Centre to find exactly what you need help with, whether that’s getting started on Pandle, setting up multiple currencies or running a VAT return.

What do you want to see in Pandle?

The Pandle team are people pleasers, which means we want to bring our users the features they need for their business and clients.

If you have a suggestion for Pandle, whether it’s for the software, the website or the mobile app, you can get in touch through the methods below. We take our users’ feedback very seriously, and aim to make Pandle a more intuitive experience for everyone, so don’t feel like you’ll go unheard!

What do you think of the new Pandle website and help centre? Leave your feedback in the comment section below or get in touch at!

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