Pandle March Updates

This month we’ve been celebrating International Women’s Day as well as Women’s History Month.

Female entrepreneurs make up a huge proportion of our client base and we want to encourage more women to put on their entrepreneurial hat, take a chance and build their own business from the ground up.

That’s why over the next week we’ll be running a series of blogs specifically focused on giving advice to those building and running their own businesses. These will also include some pearls of wisdom from female entrepreneurs – so make sure you don’t miss out!

New features


Early access to our public API is now available for developers who want to look at how they can start accessing Pandle features directly at a program level.

This Alpha release documents how you can access the API endpoints with your individual account. Application level authentication is in the pipeline so you can build integrations for your own users and we will be releasing how-to guides and more detailed documentation as we build out the support and features.

You can view the Swagger formatted documentation here.

Small changes

  • Added ‘link to existing files’ tab for receipt uploads
  • Added more thumbnail previews for uploaded receipts in Pandle
  • Added ‘new quotation’ to quick links
  • Improved the speed of the Categories page loading for users with lots of transactions/currency conversions
  • Accept payments selection now defaults to on for recurring invoices
  • Receipt uploads now available for quotes and invoicing in the webapp

Currently working on

Pandle Global

The aim of the Global Account is to make Pandle accessible for any base currency. It will facilitate different types of sales tax and will offer multiple languages.

We will also be building dedicated versions for key markets, which will be more customised to the needs of those markets.

Messaging Centre

We’re currently working on messaging in Pandle which will allow users to message each other from within the webapp. This includes any users linked to the company including bookkeepers/accountants.

We believe this will complement our tagging feature in Pandle Notes (when released) and will allow for better and more efficient collaboration in Pandle.

Pandle Organiser

Alongside notes, we’re planning to bring a complete organiser to Pandle. This will include tasks, reminders, a calendar and collaboration tools to communicate in app with your accountant and/or staff members.

Here is a sneak preview of how it will look on mobile:

Pandle Organiser

Stock Control

Due to popular request, we will shortly be working on our stock control feature. This will allow users who sell goods to track their stock along with having a real-time stock balance in their stock category.

We are currently drawing up the specifications for this feature and would like to talk to users who sell goods to get their input on how they would like this to work.

If you are interested in offering your input to the developers then please register your interest by contacting us on

Is there something you would like to see come to Pandle? Get in touch with the support team at or comment below and if we think it’s a good suggestion, we’ll add it to our list!

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