Pandle’s 2017 Round Up

It’s been a huge years for the team here at Pandle. We’ve had new features, new employees and new offices and we want to share it with you in one big end of the year article that’ll let you know just what we’ve been up to!


We’ve released a lot of new features released in 2017, and we’re pleased to say that many of them were at request of our users who told us just what they were after from their cloud accounting software.

Here’s a few of the features we’re most proud to have brought to our users in 2017.

Pandle App

We were delighted to announce the release of the Pandle App earlier this year, which meant we could continue to grow the Pandle system on a mobile platform for our users and help everyone do their bookkeeping on the go.

While there’s still a way to go and plenty to be added, we’ve come on leaps and bounds with the app this year – which we think is cause for a Bailey’s hot chocolate!

Stripe Feeds

Stripe is a payment processing service that you’re now able to use within Pandle. This year our collaboration with Stripe made it possible for users to manage payments directly from Pandle.

Your customers are able to pay directly from Pandle so they won’t be taken to a third party page when they go to pay your invoice, which makes the process a whole lot smoother.

Project Handling

Many freelancers and small business work as project managers on a daily basis (whether they call themselves that or not!) To help these companies, such as construction workers and wedding planners, we’ve included project handling as a specific feature.

This allows financial reporting for specific projects which can be separate from your other finances so you don’t get muddled up when it comes to the end of the accounting period.

Developed Support Pages

Late in 2016 we opened the Pandle Support Pages up to users and this year we’ve developed them extensively. Now, if you have a query about Pandle or you’re unsure how to work the software, your first port of call for help is just a few clicks away.

With plenty of images and videos to help you out, our Support Pages have all the answers to your questions.

However, if there’s a question you have that isn’t answered by our Support Pages, let us know so we can rectify that!

What’s in store for 2018?

With all this excitement over what we’ve brought to you in 2017, we can’t help but look forward to what we’ve got coming up next year. Here are just some of the features we’ll be focusing on.

Pandle Payroll

We’re looking forward to be able to offer our customers the chance to take up a Pandle managed payroll service in the New Year.

This will allow users to relinquish completely their payroll and offload the work to the Pandle team, who will run the payroll, email payslips and reports.

Practice Manager

The Pandle Practice Manager will help accountants in need of a good CRM system to help them keep track of all their clients.

This will be modelled on our very own CRM, which has served us very well over the last five years!

Global Account

We’ll be continuing to work on bringing Pandle to the rest of the world with the Pandle Global account.

With the incorporation of multiple currencies, it will be so much easier to manage your own global company and organise payments from customers who are in other countries.

To complete our 2017 round up, here’s a note from our CEO, Lee Murphy MAAT: “We are very proud of what we have accomplished this year. We have released a huge amount of features and despite being the new kid on the block we’re now nipping at the heels of our competitors.

“During 2017 we signed up our 10,000th user, partnered with over 300 accountancy firms and have doubled our development team.

“We have started to rapidly grow the company now that the vast majority of the features users expect from a comprehensive cloud accounting system are in place.”

Murphy added: “We have big plans for 2018 including the release of our global account, Pandle Payroll, Pandle Practice Manager and much more, so watch this space!”

Is there something you’d like to see hit Pandle in 2018? Tell us what feature you’d like us to work on over on Twitter or Facebook and you could win an £25 Amazon Voucher to spend on your Christmas shopping!

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