7 Reasons to Love Public Transport

Public transport gets a lot of bad press. Sure, it’s tedious, tiring and it often smells bad. But no matter much you hate busy trains and late buses, there are some undeniably great things about sharing your daily commute with others.

There’s plenty of reasons that people aren’t a fan of public transport, but is it really all that bad? You might think there’s no excuse to love, or even like public transport. We’re ready to turn your opinions on their head with these seven reasons why you should get excited about your daily commute.

You’re helping to save the planet

Getting the bus might not feel like you’re being a hero, but that’s the truth. Rather than wasting fuel on a gas-guzzling road machine, you’re giving something back to Mother Nature.

In 2014 68% of us commuted to work in a car or van. Imagine the fuel that could have been saved if we’d all used public transport. With the average commute of 55 minutes, we’re guessing it would have been a lot.

Less cars on the road would also free up roads, meaning buses would be more likely to run on time (possibly). Next time you make that walk to the station, think about how you’re saving nature’s beautiful animals, one journey at a time.

It’s keeping you safe

Believe it or not, having strangers alarmingly close to your personal space could be saving your life. In general a commute on public transport is a lot safer than one in an individual vehicle.

It is more than seven times safer to travel by bus than it is by car in the UK. Fatality rates in bus and coach transport are 30 times lower than those of cars. Considering 194,477 people were killed or injured in road traffic accidents in 2014, do you really need any more reasons to ditch the car and hop on a bus?

Money in the bank!

On a slightly more upbeat note, you’re going to save loads of cash.

If you’re travelling by car to work, you’re going to be paying for insurance, MOTs, road tax and that’s even before you’ve put any fuel in the thing. You can pay monthly for bus and travel tickets in most cities, which will save you even more money compared to buying them daily.

The rise of public transport prices in recent years might have turned you off the idea, but don’t panic – there are plenty of ways to save on your daily commute; have a look at some of them here.


Reduce errors and spend less time on bookkeeping

Learn more

You’re keeping fit

Commuters are exercising on average three times more per day than those who drive.

The walk to your bus stop might not seem that far, but add up those steps at the end of the day and we guarantee* it’s further than drivers walk in a day. Save some money on the gym by making the daily walk between the bus stop and home.

*we don’t guarantee it’s further, but we reckon it probably is.

Your stress levels will be lower

When you’re running for a bus at half 7 in the morning it’s possible you don’t feel completely stress-free. However, compared to the levels of stress that road rage can bring however, you’re basically sedated when you’re cursing your luck.

Drink your green tea on your commute and take some time to meditate – lower stress levels equal better overall health, so don’t spend a minute of your commute feeling stressed when you don’t have to!

You’ve been handed the gift of time

With the average commuters’ journey being 55 minutes, you’ve got plenty of time to do something productive on your way to and from work. If you’re driving, the chances are you’re concentrating on the road (we hope) which doesn’t leave a lot of time for leisurely activities in the day.

By getting the train or bus not only will Mother Nature thank you, but Father Time will also be on your side. Who said we can’t turn back the clock? Learn a language, read a book or just enjoy a bit of breakfast and some time to relax with your thoughts.

Something wonderful could happen

There’s so much doom and gloom surrounding the commute. Whether you think of it as wasted time or simply hate sitting in such close proximity to strangers, something great could come from it.

Remember this viral video from 2012? Your morning bus route to work might not be the New York subway, but it could surprise you! Change your attitude to public transport and board that bus with a smile.

Got more reasons why we should love public transport? Leave them in the comment section below or tweet @Pandlecloud!

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