February Updates

This month over at Pandle Headquarters we’ve been working busily to get some new features up and running for our lovely customers. We’re now happy to announce that they’re ready! Have a look below to see the full list of shiny new updates that are ready for you to use.

New Features…


Pandle now lets you create quotations for your customers. Users can create, print and email quotations in Pandle. Quotations can be marked declined, accepted and can be converted into invoices quotationswhich can then be sent directly to the customer.


Users with customers in the EU can now use Pandle to invoice their EU customers. Pandle will show the reverse charge on the invoice along with creating an EC sales list. There are two new VAT codes, ES (services to EU customers) and EG (goods sold to EU customers). Pandle will put these amounts in the correct boxes of the VAT return for you.

These VAT codes can also be used for suppliers in Europe who zero rate the VAT to you (such as Google Adwords for example), so the amounts are entered correctly on the VAT return.

Receivables and Payables Reporting:

Pandle now has receivables and payables reports so that you can keep track of your overdue invoices. When you create an invoice for a customer you have the option to enter the due date. Pandle uses this to show you how overdue invoices are and later automatic reminders will be made available to help you with your credit control.

Please note, if you would like accurate reporting for your existing customers/suppliers, please ensure you enter the payment terms for each. You can do this by editing from the customer/supplier tabs.

Director’s loan accounts as bank accounts:Pandle updates

For our users with limited companies, you may have noticed that the director’s loan accounts are now ‘bank accounts’. This is to simplify the process of paying for business expenditure personally.

Beforehand users had to either use the cash account (money out of cash, money into director’s loan account), or create an adjustment. With the new changes users can simply process money out (or money in) transactions through the director’s loan bank account. The balance of this account will show the amount owed to/from the director’s.

Upcoming Updates…

Bank feeds:

We are currently in talks with a company to help us bring bank feeds to our customers. This will cut out the need for CSV imports and will allow us to apply algorithms that better understand your transactions which will help with automatic categorisation.

Submission of VAT Returns and EC Sales lists straight to HMRC:

We are currently creating a link with HMRC to enable submissions of VAT returns and EC sales lists to be submitted directly to HMRC. This will allow you/us to submit returns without having to process the figures through the HMRC portal.

Bulk editor:

Many users have requested the ability to edit transactions in bulk if large mistakes have been made. We are working on this shortly and it will give users the ability to select multiple transactions to edit the VAT code, the type of transaction, date, the category and description. We are hoping that this will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to correct errors.

If you have any questions about the new features please contact support@pandle.co.uk!

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