How to Find Your Perfect Employee

Searching for the perfect employee is a sensitive issue that can take time and money.

Finding an employee that fits your company has never been an easy task – especially with the current go-to system of recruitment. A job ad, an email and an interview are great if you know exactly what you’re only really interested in qualifications.

But, for the creative industries (and the creative positions in other industries) getting someone who fits your business is easier said than done. The current recruitment system isn’t favoured to searching for people who have compatible personalities and similar mind-sets.

So until someone creates a Tinder-like app for recruitment, you’ll have to think of inventive ways of hiring that will introduce you to individuals who work in a similar manner.

Speak to Current Employees

Always keep communication open with employees in case they have a friend they think might be perfect for the position. Too often businesses close off their current employees from the recruitment process, which cuts off an entire recruitment possibility and makes the search even harder.

No one knows your business better than the employees who helped build it, so go to them for advice and ideas. There might be a chance they know someone perfect for the position, especially considering will have links in the industry too.

Even if you aren’t keen on their decisions, keeping employees involved will make them more motivated to help, and giving them responsibility that affects the future of the business will keep communications flowing on other subjects too.

Use LinkedIn

Another fantastic resource for finding people in the same industry is LinkedIn. If you aren’t already on it then you’re missing a big trick. Companies are able to advertise jobs and reach out to people they think would be a good fit for the position.

Your company profile will also allow applicants to see what your business is like and how you work as a team. The content you share on your page will give people a feel for the business and imagine what it might be like to work for you.

Although it might be more time consuming, it will be more worth your time than trawling through generic CVs that have been sent in.

A Job Advertisement that Reflects Your Business

If you haven’t had any luck with other methods, you will probably have to resort to the generic way of advertising. But, there are ways you can optimise your advert and make it stand out and seem more attractive.

Think of creative ways to speak to your audience, instead of simply listing what your company does and what you would need from them. For example, if the position you’re advertising requires someone to think logically, you could include a riddle or puzzle for them to answer.

Or, if you’re looking for a copywriter, ask them to write a short story or about something interesting they recently did. It might seem like an average primary school task, but use it to your advantage – the people who really shine and take it on board will be the most enthusiastic and dedicated workers.

Target Your Competitor’s Employees

Sneaky? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. Your competitor’s employees will know the industry as well as your own and those looking for a fresh environment would probably welcome the change. Use LinkedIn and competitor’s website to identify people in the role you’re searching for, and then see how well than division of their company is doing.

With such a sensitive way of approaching a potential employee, you must remain professional and exercise discretion at all times. Do not message them through their company email (for obvious reasons) and if you can’t find a personal email simply message them through LinkedIn.

The worst they can do is say no!

Have you found your perfect employee? Or are you still searching for the one? Leave a comment below!


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