3 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Take a Break

It is very common for entrepreneurs to put in 18-hour days when starting up a business, with little thought given to taking a break. Even with an experienced and talented team in place, many entrepreneurs can feel uncomfortable stepping away for even a short time.

Entrepreneurs must remember that they cannot and won’t do their best work if they are exhausted and running out of steam. It is often the case that they need to be told when to stop and take a break, otherwise they will carry on until the candle finally burns out.

We’ve put together three reasons why entrepreneurs should take time off from being an entrepreneurial superhero.

  1. Brain Burnout – Entrepreneurs are the ones working long and hard, operating on pure overdrive to develop their winning strategy, flawless execution and refine communication. Thus some entrepreneurs run the risk of a brain burnout.

To function effectively on all cylinders, the brain needs sufficient downtime. A four hour broken sleep isn’t enough! According to Scientific American, “Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life.”

Time away can help entrepreneurs rest their mind to be better able to address and resolve what’s waiting back in the office.

  1. Team development – Of course it’s important for your team to have a leader but progress shouldn’t be overly dependent on the executive. A leader needs to challenge, empower and motivate its members. With this in mind, sometimes the chief needs to get out of their way for a while so that they can thrive.

Time away from the office will not only encourage individual development and proactivity but it will also strengthen bonds among team members as they effectively address challenges in the absence of their leader.

  1. Setting an example – It is imperative to encourage a team to take care of themselves and let them know that a balanced life is also a happy life.

CEO of Grokker, a yoga, fitness and cooking video network states “I see it as my duty to walk the talk. I started this company to help busy people get better at what they love, with hopes of developing a workplace environment that reflected the organization’s overall philosophy of prioritizing personal wellness.”

“I take steps to prioritize my own personal wellness, so it’s important that my team do the same. Yes I work hard but I do a lot more than just work. I practice yoga, work out with teammates twice a week, hike, ride my bike and take vacations. I am not going to burn out.”

With this in mind taking time away is the perfect way to recharge and be mindful. Entrepreneurs can explore or rediscover their love for something they rarely have time for. As difficult as it is to step away from their daily business life, the physical, mental and emotional benefits of taking some time off are undeniable.


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